Bryce Dallas Howard To Finally Restore Honor To The Howard Name

Wednesday, March 2 by

Maybe a Howard can be good for something after all.


Sienna Miller Is Running Away With Her Belly-Dancing Teacher

Wednesday, March 2 by

As believable as that headline sounds, she’ll only be doing so fictitiously for the film ‘Just Like A Woman’.


Henry Winkler To Join Kevin James In A “Comedy” Film

Wednesday, March 2 by

Henry Winkler has signed on to star with Kevin James in next summer’s ‘Here Comes The Boom’, a new movie that is being described as a comedy.


See A New Photo From ‘X-Men: First Class’ That’s All Blue And Stuff

Wednesday, March 2 by

It’s all blue.


Review: The Adjustment Bureau

Wednesday, March 2 by

Has some good ideas if it would only dig a little deeper.


Kristen Stewart May Spend Her Summer In Prison

Wednesday, March 2 by

No. They didn’t outlaw mumbling and lip-biting. After two years of false starts, the prison drama ‘K-11′ is ready to go before cameras.


Javier Bardem Would Love To Want To Do ‘The Dark Tower’ Mega-Series

Wednesday, March 2 by

Despite a charming updo, Brian Grazer hasn’t been able to convince Javier Bardem to dress up like a cowboy just yet.


Breathe Easy: There Will Be A ‘Percy Jackson’ Sequel

Tuesday, March 1 by

It’s been confirmed that ‘Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters’ is officially being worked on. My hands are trembling with excitement as I type this.


Christina Ricci Stars In 1960s Drama That’s Totally Not Just Like ‘Mad Men’

Tuesday, March 1 by

It’s a soapy drama that takes place in the swingin’ 60′s, about the lives of sexy stewardesses back when it was okay to call them that. And slap their butts in public.


Some Kid Named Eleanor Tomlinson To Star In ‘Jack The Giant Killer’

Tuesday, March 1 by

She sent other ladies home with not so much as a sack of beans, so Tomlinson gets to star alongside Stanley Tucci and Ewan McGregor in the Bryan Singer directed film.


Yeah, But THIS Zombie Movie Stars Nicholas Hoult

Tuesday, March 1 by

Actors will be asking him for tips now whenever he walks to Pinkberry, cause Hoult just scored another starring role, this time in Summit’s zombie film ‘Warm Bodies’.


Jonah Hill To Awkwardly Direct First Movie?

Tuesday, March 1 by

A film with aliens, a zombie, and a vampire might also have a Jonah Hill to direct.


Clooney Laughs ‘N’ Screams In ‘Ides Of March’ Set Photos

Tuesday, March 1 by

Clooney co-wrote, directs and stars in – get ready to use your “shocked” face for a moment – a new politically themed movie. Here’s a look at the set.

Screen shot 2011-03-01 at 5.45.26 PM

Dreamworks Sees Crowded Landscape Of Assange Biopics And Screams, ‘We Want One!’

Tuesday, March 1 by

Julian Assange is to 2011 as Zach Galifianakis was to 2010. Assange is going to be in everything.


Links Away: The Dark Side of Transformers

Tuesday, March 1 by

Having a car that can transform into a fighting robot would be pretty great, apart for one thing.