New ‘Captain America’ Poster – WWII Wasn’t All Laughs After All

Friday, February 4 by

Marvel has released a new poster for ‘Captain America,’ and it might make you sad.


‘Rango’ Superbowl Spot Boasts Explosions, Other Stuff

Friday, February 4 by

The Superbowl teaser spot for the upcoming Johnny Depp voiced animated kids movie ‘Rango’ is out, and it actually does the job of making an big upcoming film look pretty great.


‘The Walking Dead’ Is Going To Need Writers After All

Friday, February 4 by

Anyone concerned that ‘The Walking Dead’s” second season would be completely improvised can breathe a sigh of relief. No undead zip-zap-zow for you.


Walton Goggins Says ‘Justified’ Is About To Get Intense

Friday, February 4 by

Goggins offers up some ‘Justified’ spoilers and gives his thoughts on Shane’s fate in ‘The Shield’.


Sexy Zombies To Eat Sexy Neighbors

Friday, February 4 by

Zombies Ate My Neighbors will be in a theater near you before too long.


Review: Sanctum

Friday, February 4 by

It uses a disaster to work through daddy issues. So does every disaster movie. Sanctum is just so dire it’s no fun.


Stephen King Has Some Ideas For ‘The Stand’ Remake, Loves Cole Slaw

Friday, February 4 by

Stephen King has worked hard to earn his status as a best-selling author and Maine’s creepiest man. That’s why producers of the upcoming remake of his end of days epic The Stand should listen to his advice.


New Bond Villain Might Be Ralph Fiennes, Potter/Bond Crossover Anyone?

Thursday, February 3 by

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named might very well get named as part of the new James Bond cast.


New Female Lead In ‘Superman’ Means More Hotties On Zack Snyder’s Casting Couch

Thursday, February 3 by

With limey bastard Henry Cavill as Supes, the girls up for a big mystery part are Diane Kruger, Rosamund Pike and Alive Eve.


Ben Affleck May Direct Political Drama That – “Surprise” – Clooney’s Attached To

Thursday, February 3 by

‘Argo’ is a movie that wants Ben Affleck to direct it. Ben Affleck says, “take a number, movie.”


Sheen Plans TV Return In February, Strip Club Return In April

Thursday, February 3 by

Charlie Sheen’s reps believe one and a half men will become “Two and a Half Men” again by late February. Damn it, we were just beginning to enjoy the “Men”-lessness.


‘Fast Five’ Poster Is Faster, Furiouser, Five-ier

Thursday, February 3 by

Five times the car chases. Five times car crashes. Five times the car motion blurs lines.


Eva Green Enters ‘Dark Shadows’ Of Goth Pals Depp and Burton

Thursday, February 3 by

Green will play a witch who turns Johnny Depp into a vampire. If box office trends are any indication, Depp was going to have to become a vampire at some point anyway.


2012 Starting Early: Justin Bieber and ‘Jersey Shore’ Team Up

Thursday, February 3 by

This is sort of like looking at a pop culture ‘Human Centipede.’


Missing ‘Superman’ Producer Found, Was Lex Luthor Behind This?

Thursday, February 3 by

Ilya Salkind is alive. Thankfully, no one has to spin the Earth backwards and reverse time to solve this crisis.