HBO Picks Up Russian Spy Drama, Makes Me Distrustful Of Guy Who Sold Me Stereo

Monday, March 14 by

HBO is ready to finger some Russian spies. And make a show about them too.

David Lynch Duran Duran

A Duran Duran Concert Film To Be The Weirdest Thing David Lynch Does That Day

Monday, March 14 by

I wonder how “Hungry Like The Wolf” would sound with a grinding industrial hum in the background.


Abbie Cornish

Monday, March 14 by

Well known for her work in her native Australia, Abbie Cornish looks poised to affirm her place as an American film presence over the next several months.


Poor Bench Didn’t Stand A Chance

Monday, March 14 by

His bed must be constructed of adamantium.


Brendan Fraser So Desperate He’s Stealing Fish

Monday, March 14 by

After the double-suck-whammy of Extraordinary Measures and Furry Vengeance, he’ll do anything.


See A ‘TRON’ Short Film If You Still Need More Boxleitner

Monday, March 14 by

All of your unasked questions about ‘Tron’ have now been answered.


SXSW Interview: James Wan Talks ‘Insidious’

Monday, March 14 by

Wan discusses the SXSW premiere of ‘Insidious’ and the films that have emerged since our last meeting.


SXSW Review: The Innkeepers

Monday, March 14 by

A good campfire style horror movie. The scares are light and fun, not deep horrific terror.


SXSW Review: Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop

Monday, March 14 by

It is an outstanding portrait of an artist that just lets us be in Conan’s world, the one we don’t get to see between late night episodes.


Weekend Box Office Report: America Does Battle With Los Angeles

Monday, March 14 by

Earth doesn’t need ‘Mars Needs Moms’, apparently.


‘Pluto Nash’ Director Released From Movie Jail

Monday, March 14 by

Ron Underwood stages his comeback.


SXSW Review: ‘Bridesmaids’ Work Print

Monday, March 14 by

Follows the same plot as all “outrageous wedding” movies.


Michelle Rodriguez Probably Headed To ‘The Home’

Monday, March 14 by

Michelle Rodriguez is cashing in on her talent for terrifying the elderly.


SXSW Review: Paul

Sunday, March 13 by

Paul is like all those comedies I used to like, the kind where they were just plain good.


New ‘Hesher’ Poster Looks Weird

Sunday, March 13 by

‘Hesher’ poster looks all dark and scary. Don’t look at it alone!