Now I Know Who The Boss Is

Monday, March 21 by

Bud Wiser: The King Of Writers


Fox 2000 Stakes Claim To Shiny Nugget Of ‘The Floor of Heaven’

Monday, March 21 by

There’s gold in them there upcoming movies from major Hollywood studios.


HBO To Add Dick Cheney To Its Roster Of Shows About Douchebags

Monday, March 21 by

With “Entourage” coming to a close, HBO needs to act fast if they want to remain the go-to cable source for shows about guys I’d like to punch. Enter Dick Cheney.

Lady Number 2

Emily Browning

Monday, March 21 by

Emily Browning and her rag-tag posse of girls with guns will turn you on, kick your ass, shut you down, and leave you wondering what that burning smell is. It’s your legs, by the way, because those girls just set you on fire.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Back In New International TV Series

Monday, March 21 by

Yes, he is indeed “back.” Get your jokes out now.


Stephen King Might Be Writing An Episode Of ‘The Walking Dead’

Monday, March 21 by

Stephen King wants to try writing a horror story.


Source Code

Monday, March 21 by

DIRECTOR: Duncan JonesCAST: Jake Gyllenhaal; Vera Farmiga; Michelle MonaghanSYNOPSIS: A soldier (Gyllenhaal) who, as part of an experimental government program to investigate a terrorist incident, finds himself in the body of an unknown commuter living and reliving a harrowing train bombing until he can find out who is responsible for it.


It’ll Be Moore Vs. Bridges In ‘The Seventh Son’

Monday, March 21 by

Julianne Moore’s all set to kick the crap out of Jeff Bridges while pretty teenagers look at each other longingly.


Gerard Butler Is Going To Kick Dennis Quaid Into A Pit

Monday, March 21 by

Gerard Butler’s abdominal muscles are about to give Old Man Dennis Quaid a reality check. The objects of housewife fantasies past and present will star opposite one another in Gabriele Muccino’s Playing The Field.


Weekend Box Office – Cooper Bests McConaughey In Duel To Death

Monday, March 21 by

Maybe this means a few more people will go see ‘The Hangover 2′.


SXSW Review: Surrogate Valentine

Monday, March 21 by

A typical indie drama about unresolved feelings, yet it’s entirely watchable and relatable.


More Sword Fighting And Flowy Shirts In New ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Trailer

Monday, March 21 by

Here’s the latest trailer for Pirates Of The Caribbean: This Time There Are Zombies.

Jackson 1

Production Actually Begins On ‘The Hobbit’

Sunday, March 20 by

New set photos show Peter Jackson slightly larger than a hobbit.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Alberto Falcone (For Real)

Sunday, March 20 by

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is adding another character to his roster of weirdos.


SXSW Review: Cold Sweat

Sunday, March 20 by

The SXFantastic selection Cold Sweat is like The Wages of Fear crossed with Saw, with touches of The People Under the Stairs.