Daniel Radcliffe To Star As Non-Magical ‘Amateur Photographer’

Tuesday, February 15 by

Radcliffe is going full-on, boring old muggle in one of his new post-Harry Potter roles.


‘Men In Black 3′ Delayed Again, Aliens Laugh Triumphantly

Tuesday, February 15 by

Here they come, the Men In Black… galaxy delayers…


Links Away: Where Do Your Eyes Go During a Movie?

Tuesday, February 15 by

Ever found your eyes darting around the screen during a movie and thought to yourself “I wonder if I could quantify my eye movement via computer analysis?” Neither have most people, but the science folks over at The Diem Project took it upon themselves to answer the question for us.


Ice Cube May Help Tha Police In ’21 Jump Street’

Tuesday, February 15 by

My Man ‘Friday’ has more projects in the pipeline. He’s in talks to star in ’21 Jump Street’ and he’s driving around town with his car-related directing vehicle.


Schwarzenegger Could Get Faster, Furiouser, ‘Terminator’-er With Justin Lin

Tuesday, February 15 by

Since “The Great Arnold Schwarzenegger Tweet of 2011,” offers have been coming in for the former Kindergarden Cop.


Sherlock Holmes Sequel Gets Spooooky Title

Tuesday, February 15 by

You were probably satisfied with the sequel to the Sherlock Holmes movie being titled Sherlock Holmes 2, but the studio damn sure wasn’t.


Henry Hill To Play Poker With Tony Soprano

Tuesday, February 15 by

Ray Liotta is doing his Ray Liotta thing in ‘Cogan’s Trade’.


Giamatti And Keitel Board Thinking Man’s Animated Movie

Tuesday, February 15 by

Reps for Harvey Keitel, Danny Huston, and Paul Giamatti have confirmed that the actors will appear as delicately drawn characters in Ari Folman’s follow up to Waltz With Bashir.


9 Stand-Up Comedians Who Deserve Their Own Reality Shows

Tuesday, February 15 by

I don’t dislike Rosanne or Sinbad, but I’m not going to spend 30 minutes of my life on them when I have access to Netflix and free Internet porn. If basic cable really wants to gain some viewers, why don’t they give a reality show to more interesting stand-ups?


Billionaire Heiress Has Really Good Taste In Movies

Tuesday, February 15 by

Megan Ellison really wants to see ‘The Grandmasters’ and doesn’t feel like leaving the States.


There’s A New Hot Girl In ‘The Office’

Tuesday, February 15 by

Productivity is sure to go down in Scranton. “Rescue Me” babe Cody Horn will be joining the cast in the new season. Steve Carell picked the worst time to leave.

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Goodbye, Leisure Time: The Complete Criterion Collection Comes To Hulu Plus

Tuesday, February 15 by

The Criterion Collection wants more of your time and less of your money.


Aaron Sorkin To Play Aaron Sorkin On ’30 Rock’

Tuesday, February 15 by

Aaron Sorkin is walking and talking his way to 30 Rockefeller Center.


Watch ‘Hanna’ Kill Some FBI Agents. Ugh, Teenagers!!

Tuesday, February 15 by

Hug it out, bitch.


Sara Fletcher

Tuesday, February 15 by

Sara Fletcher is still in the early stages of her career, but it’s not much of a stretch to picture her scoring that one role that’ll propel her into the spotlight.