Timberlake Goes Through A Kriss Kross Phase

Wednesday, March 16 by

The new ‘Friends With Benefits’ trailer will make you want to jump. Jump.


Pell James

Wednesday, March 16 by

The Lincoln Lawyer actress Pell James got her start in the 1999 with an appearance in cameo-heavy indie flick Black and White.


Tom Hanks And Julia Roberts Make Us All Nostalgic In ‘Larry Crowne’ Trailer

Wednesday, March 16 by

Tom Hanks. Julia Roberts. It’s time to party like it’s 1987-1999.


Chinese Bad Guys In ‘Red Dawn’ Changed To North Koreans For Maximum Profitability

Wednesday, March 16 by

MGM doesn’t care about North Koreans.


New Spring Animal Line

Wednesday, March 16 by

Henson is so fashion forward.


SXSW Pic Gallery: ‘Paul’, Conan, And Del Toro

Wednesday, March 16 by

The stars walked about Austin like normal human beings.


Rebecca Hall Is Wearing A Waffle On Her Head

Wednesday, March 16 by

This trailer for SXSW favorite, A Bag Of Hammers, is dripping with offbeat. Like that towel your brother keeps under his bed.


Sam Worthington To Hang Ten And Other Slang Terms

Wednesday, March 16 by

They can’t all be ‘Point Break’.


Hoffman And HBO To Bring Us ‘Upstate’

Wednesday, March 16 by

Philip Seymour Hoffman and HBO are joining forces for a drama about a man, his family and his small town. Emotional hijinx ensue.


SXSW Review: Hit So Hard: The Life And Near Death Of Patty Schemel

Wednesday, March 16 by

The story of Hole drummer Patty Schemel is a cautionary tale of drugs and recovery, and a portrait of the ‘90s grunge scene.


SXSW Review: Detention

Wednesday, March 16 by

Detention is the ultimate payoff for the meta movement.


Things Get Really Bloody In New ‘Scream 4′ Pics

Wednesday, March 16 by

Woodsboro realtors are going to have a hard time flipping all these new “murder houses.”


Opposites Jon Hamm and Paul Feig Team-Up For Comedy

Tuesday, March 15 by

As Paula Abdul and a cartoon cat instruct us: opposites attract.


Johnny Knoxville Is Totally Not A ‘Stooge’

Tuesday, March 15 by

The ‘Jackass’ star has backed out of the Farrelly Brothers’ reboot of ‘The Three Stooges’, but may become an official mustache rider instead.


Shocking News: Drew Barrymore To Direct New Chick Flick

Tuesday, March 15 by

She will direct the film adaptation of Liz Tuccillo’s book ‘How to Be Single’ for New Line, which is one of those multi-story movies like ‘Valentine’s Day’ (groaaaan).