9 Films To Watch On Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

Monday, February 14 by

While being alone on Valentines Day might seem like a fate worse than death, the fact of the matter is that being in a relationship can be just as bad. As they say, the grass is always greener. Don’t believe me? Well, here are 9 films that prove you’re probably better off alone.


Phillip Noyce Could Direct ‘Hunter Killer’, Should Consider A New Title

Monday, February 14 by

The ‘Salt’ director is in talks to step in for Pierre Morel.


‘Spider-Man’ Reboot Has ‘Amazing’ Title

Monday, February 14 by

Say hello to ‘The Amazing Spider-Man.’


‘Cogan’s Trade’ Closest We’ll Get To A ‘Soprano’s’ Movie

Monday, February 14 by

It will serve as a reunion for two “Soprano’s” rivals. Vincent Curatola will be joining James Gandolfini to reminisce about the old neighborhood.


Check Out Scary (UPDATE: Now Funny) Video Of TV Reporter Possibly Having Stroke On Air

Monday, February 14 by

Serene Branson is getting a lot of attention today on the internet for this video, which is from local LA coverage of last night’s Grammy Awards.


Christopher Walken To Star In What Kind Of Sounds Like An Orgy Movie

Monday, February 14 by

3 stars somehow agree to star in a movie with the worst title of all time.


Nichole Hiltz

Monday, February 14 by

Before scoring a regular role on USA Network’s “In Plain Sight,” Nichole Hiltz could be seen in guest spots on shows from “The Shield” to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and just about everything in between.


3D Salvador Dali Movie Promises To Be As Action Packed As ‘Tron Legacy’

Monday, February 14 by

Start your melting clocks and get ready for the countdown, because there’s a nontraditional, nonlinear, 3D Salvador Dali biopic coming soon.


‘X-Men: First Class’ In Danger Of Getting Held Back, Says January Jones

Monday, February 14 by

January Jones dishing dirt!


LOTR Does Not Compute

Monday, February 14 by

IBM needs to prep Watson better on Tolkien.


Wally Pfister Proud Owner Of ASC Award, Awesome Name

Monday, February 14 by

Wally Pfister took home the top honor at the American Society of Cinematographers awards last night for his work on ‘Inception’. OR DID HE!?


Cinemax To Up Their Wardrobe Budget

Monday, February 14 by

Sorry guys. It looks like Cinemax used to be cool. The pay cable network has announced that it is forgoing the programming that helped it earn the nickname “Skinemax.”


Judi Dench And Michelle Monaghan Together At Last!

Monday, February 14 by

Judi Dench and Michelle Monaghan want ‘Better Living Through Chemistry’.


First Lady Of Vampire Hunting Found

Monday, February 14 by

Secret vampire hunter Abraham Lincoln has taken a wife. Though it’s likely they will sleep in separate beds.


Weekend Box Office Report: Show Me The Bieber (No, Says America)!

Monday, February 14 by

This weekend was a chance for messianic pop star Justin Bieber to show he reigns supreme not just on Twitter, but where it counts: At the box office.