Let’s All Laugh At Will Smith’s Pain

Monday, February 28 by

That’s what he gets for Willennium.


Weekend Box Office Report: Oscar Weekend Blues

Monday, February 28 by

Are the Oscars to blame for this weekend’s poor performance?


Treat Williams Is Doing A Thing With Quentin Tarantino!

Monday, February 28 by

Treat Williams is racking up the roles!


Boringness Of The Oregon Trail Sublimey Captured In ‘Meek’s Cutoff’ Trailer

Monday, February 28 by

A trailer for the nicely reviewed Meek’s Cutoff has finally arrived online and only a few hundred explorers died of dysentery in the process. Not bad.


See Who’s Getting Laid Tonight After Winning Academy Awards

Sunday, February 27 by

‘The King’s Speech’ wins big, much to the surprise of no one.


2011 Oscars Live Blog

Sunday, February 27 by

As is tradition (so what if it’s only the second year?), we’ll be live blogging the crap out of the 2011 Academy Awards.


Cure Your Oscar Fever With A Healthy Dose Of Razzies

Sunday, February 27 by

M. Night Shyamalan is on his way to making Razzie history.


Spirit Award Winners Last Oscars Indicator That Isn’t The Oscars

Sunday, February 27 by

More awards, more gift baskets, more crying losers.


FX To Get ‘Powers’

Saturday, February 26 by

FX finally realizes that superheroes are awesome.


Michael Fassbender Confirms ‘Prometheus’ Is Sorta, Kinda ‘Alien’-y

Friday, February 25 by

In addition, Fassbender quietly confirms the kind of character he’s playing. Hint: It may not be human, you guys.


Don Johnson Finally Becomes ‘A. Mann’ For NBC

Friday, February 25 by

Don Johnson is sailing back into network TV waters. Now he’s trading his trademark white suit for whatever it is not-gay Beverly Hills hairdressers wear.


Jon Chu To Direct ‘GI Joe 2′, Will Justin Bieber Play Sgt. Slaughter?

Friday, February 25 by

Under the influence of intense Bieber Fever, Paramount decided to reward ‘Never Say Never’ director Chu by choosing him to helm ‘GI Joe 2′.


‘Insidious’ Poster Features Mandatory Scary Child

Friday, February 25 by

Here’s the new poster and some stills from ‘Insideous’ by director James Wan (‘Saw’). That kid sure looks happy, huh?


Will Viggo Mortensen Get A Zod-On In ‘Superman’ Reboot?

Friday, February 25 by

Viggo Mortensen (‘Lord of the Rings’) may play General Zod, the villanous scientist who kindly requests we kneel before him.


Multiple James Francos Converge On ‘General Hospital’

Friday, February 25 by

“Oscars” James Franco meets Art Gallery James Franco meets Evil “General Hospital” James Franco.