rick ross

Nick Cassavetes To Tell You All About Rick Ross

Tuesday, February 15 by

It’s going to be about Rick Ross – not the rapper, but the famous Miami dealer the rapper named himself after.


Johnny Depp Running Out Of Ways To Act Weird

Tuesday, February 15 by

Everyone’s curious what Johnny Depp is going to do with the character of Barnabus Collins in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows adaptation. Will he make him super-gay or super-duper gay??


Jude Law In Talks To Chill On ‘The Demeter’

Tuesday, February 15 by

Jude Law is about to find out how much cruises suck.


Tricky ‘Jeopardy’ Questions Forestall Inevitable Robot Apocalypse

Monday, February 14 by

IBM’s artificial intelligence software will continue to compete on “Jeopardy” this week, in the form of a creepy computer named Watson.


IFC’s ‘Portlandia’ Renewed For 2nd Season, Anti-Hipster Comedy Parade Continues

Monday, February 14 by

All you have to know is that it’s indie and I liked it before anyone else did.


Good Movie Alert: Paul Walker To Star In Fred Durst’s ‘Pawn Shop Chronicles’

Monday, February 14 by

It’s probably not too late for Walker to arrogantly hop into his Subaru WRX STI, drive away and pretend you never agreed to anything.


Fanboys, Thor Has Answered Your Prayers: Open Casting For ‘The Avengers’

Monday, February 14 by

Marvel nerds assemble… in New Mexico.


DJ Caruso May Direct ‘Preacher’, Shia LaBeouf Would Play Every Role

Monday, February 14 by

The coupling of Caruso and the smart, deep story of ‘Preacher’ sounds as unnatural as sex between an angel and a demon.


Links Away: The Most Disturbing Kisses In Movies

Monday, February 14 by

Hollywood puts out some pretty weird stuff, not the least of which includes people kissing zombies, burn victims, anthropomorphic ducks, and Meryl Streep.


Tim Burton Reveals (The Plot Of) His ‘Frankenweenie’

Monday, February 14 by

It’s a stop-motion animated (good) story that Burton made up (very good) about a well-meaning boy who turns his dog into a monster.


Jude Law Chillin’

Monday, February 14 by

If he’s going to dress like that, what does he expect?


Extra, Extra: ‘Newsies’ To Be Stage Musical, Annoying Theater Kids Excited

Monday, February 14 by

The now “cult classic” movie-musical about singing newsboys is coming to The Great White… New Jersey.


First Look At Jude Law Dressed Ridiculously On ‘Contagion’ Set

Monday, February 14 by

It’s 2011. There have got to be less dorky ways to prevent infection.


DreamWorks’ ‘Flawed Dogs’ Isn’t About Doggie-Rehab Sadly

Monday, February 14 by

Berkeley Breathed’s ‘Flawed Dogs’ has been optioned by the studio in their never ending pursuit of giving Jonah Hill voice over work.


Roseanne Working On A Farm And No It’s Not A Pig Farm

Monday, February 14 by

Roseanne has a reality show that you might not see anything else about if you flee the country now.