Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Out Of ‘The Savages’

Saturday, March 19 by

Oliver Stone gets the ol’ ‘Winter’s Bone’ from Jennifer Lawrence.


C. Thomas Howell Spills, Er, Confirms The Lizard Out Of The Bag

Saturday, March 19 by

Lizards are cool.

10 Best Chinese Erotic Movies

Saturday, March 19 by Ergopotamo

Turn yourself on with the 10 best Chinese erotic movies. There’s a certain sensuality about Chinese ladies, and the ones in these films will definitely get your attention. Take a…


Heather Locklear Is Probably Worried About HDTV Making Her Look Old

Saturday, March 19 by

Here’s hoping the show is really successful and she has a Sheen-style breakdown.


Blackbeard And His Pet Skull Featured On ‘Pirates 4′ Poster

Friday, March 18 by

It’s time to liven things up with somber ol’ Blackbeard from ‘On Stranger Tides’ and that skull he’s always carrying. The one he brings to parties as an ice breaker.


Will Michael Chabon’s Best Work Be The “Disneyland Rides Come To Life” Movie?

Friday, March 18 by

Writer Chabon (Spider-Man 2, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay) might be tapped to rewrite Magic Kingdom for Disney.


SXSW: Kristen Wiig, Simon Pegg, And Paul Feig Talk ‘Paul’, ‘Bridesmaids’, ‘Star Trek’, Everything Else

Friday, March 18 by

Brush up on their projects.


First Look At ‘Conan’ Villain “Baldar” Zym

Friday, March 18 by

Stephen Lang (‘Avatar’) plays Khalar Zym, and he looks ticked off about something. Maybe the Rogaine didn’t take?


SXSW Review: Cave Of Forgotten Dreams

Friday, March 18 by

It sure is pretty, but man, it’s soooo boring.


Gordon-Levitt To Play Some Kind Of Guy In ‘Dark Knight Rises’

Friday, March 18 by

Today we got word that Gordon-Levitt has signed the Bat Contract with Warner Bros. and will enter Gotham city limits. Juno Temple might join him.



Friday, March 18 by

Director: Tim Hill Cast: Russell Brand, Kaley Cuoco Synopsis: The Easter Bunny is accidentally hit by a car, and it’s up to the offending driver to save Easter. Release Date:…


Judd Apatow Donates His Cynicism To Celebrity ‘Do Gooders’?

Friday, March 18 by

Apatow is a celebrity, but you don’t see him flying to Africa to adopt/steal a bunch of babies. So maybe he’s onto something with his new movie pitch.


Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘Gladiator’

Friday, March 18 by

Here are your weekend links.

Screen shot 2011-03-18 at 4.56.10 PM

Connie Britton Scared To Say “No” To Ryan Murphy, Lest He Yell At Her

Friday, March 18 by

Connie Britton has spectacular breasts. Also, she’s joining Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story.”


Wonder Woman’s New Outfit: Super Heroic Or Super Heinous?

Friday, March 18 by

Does Palicki pull off the tightly-fitted ensemble, or should she add a bag of candy to mask its lameness? Fight!