New ‘Thor’ Character Posters Are Like Mugshots Of The Gods

Sunday, March 27 by

Maybe profile shots are coming out soon.

armie hammer

Just One Of Armie Hammer Cast In ‘The Brothers Grimm: Snow White’

Saturday, March 26 by

Maybe his twin can play the prince in one of the other ‘Snow White’ movies.


Review: Nurse Jackie Season 3 Premiere

Saturday, March 26 by

“Nurse Jackie” returns picking up right where it left off with Jackie in the bathroom after her husband Kevin staged an intervention.


Zack Snyder Talks ‘Sucker Punch’ And ‘Superman’

Saturday, March 26 by

He breaks down those crazy action sequences.

50 Cent

Robert De Niro To Get Acting Tips From 50 Cent

Saturday, March 26 by

Hopefully this means De Niro will finally learn a thing or two about acting.


Tom Hanks Guest Stars On ’30 Rock’ As… Someone Nice?

Friday, March 25 by

Hanks will make his glorious return to sitcomdom on an upcoming episode of “30 Rock.” I’m starting to get “Bosom Buddies” flashbacks.


Natalie Portman: Black Swan, White Swan or No-Dancing Liar Swan?

Friday, March 25 by

You know who’s super angry these days? Academy Award winner Natalie Portman’s dancing double for ‘Black Swan’. She’s one pissed off pirouetter.


Court Allows Warren Beatty To Keep Dicking Around With Dick Tracy

Friday, March 25 by

Beatty won a court case, so he gets to keep the rights to Dick Tracy. Will he ignore them for another couple of decades?


Victoria Justice To Babysit Josh Schwartz’s First Feature Attempt

Friday, March 25 by

Victoria Justice stars in the Nickelodeon series “Victorious,” which I don’t know because it wasn’t part of the Snick line-up. Now she’s the lead in ‘Fun Size’.


Whoop, There He Is: Will Sasso Is Curly In ‘Three Stooges’

Friday, March 25 by

The Farrelly Brothers need actors more… in their current league. They got Will Sasso from “MadTV.”


‘Hunger Games’ Looks For Male Lead / Tween Girl Fantasy Crush

Friday, March 25 by

Josh Hutcherson, Hunter Parish, Evan Peters and more are up for the role of Peeta, the futuristic version of “Peter.”


Michael Sheen (No Relation) In Talks For ‘Dark Shadows’

Friday, March 25 by

Tim Burton is in talks with actor Michael Sheen (‘New Moon’, ‘Tron: Legacy’) to join the ‘Dark Shadows’ ensemble. Another Sheen is winning for a change.


Tougher Movie Leper: King Of Scotland From ‘Braveheart’ Or Toussaint From ‘Papillon’?

Friday, March 25 by

Both the King of Scotland and Toussaint captivate our attention in their respective films, but which one would you want to tango with even less? Fight!


Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘Fargo’

Friday, March 25 by

Here are your weekend links.

Screen shot 2011-03-25 at 5.21.31 PM

Viggo Mortensen Tells Snow White To Go To Hell

Friday, March 25 by

Viggo is just too damn good for this Disney crap.