Links Away: The Real Peterman

Monday, March 21 by

From the mind that brought you “Jerry the Great” comes a thrilling tale of deception, intrigue, and Peterman. So much Peterman.

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‘Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters’ Ups Weirdness Quotient By Adding Jason Vorhees Actor

Monday, March 21 by

Don’t even be surprised if they get Mears to reprise his role as the hockey-masked serial killer, just to dial up the weird to 11.


‘Like Crazy’ Team Going The Distance With Interdimensional Love Story ‘Through To You’

Monday, March 21 by

The film-making team behind the Sundance hit Like Crazy are taking that film’s theme to the extreme for their next project.

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Trailer For ‘The Bang Bang Club’ Offers Attractive Actors, Bad Accents

Monday, March 21 by

Apparently only good-looking people were allowed to photograph South Africa after apartheid. I had no idea.


Watch Awesome ‘Blinky™’ Short? No Problem. No Problem. No Problem. No Probl–

Monday, March 21 by

Yesss!!!!! I’ve been stoked to see this ever since the teaser trailer about a boy and his murder-bot showed up online last November.

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HBO Says “Let’s Go With Gandolfini” Yet Again

Monday, March 21 by

HBO has shock collars on all its “Sopranos” alumni.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is NOT Alberto Falcone (For Real)

Monday, March 21 by

Welp, looks like we’re going back to not knowing which goofy Batman villain Joseph Gordon-Levitt will reinvent and make terrifying in The Dark Knight Rises.

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Like Sands Through The Hourglass, Such Is The ’24′ Movie

Monday, March 21 by

In three months, expect Kiefer to be milling about the USC campus, handing out “Student Filmmakers Wanted!” fliers.


Busey Watch: Celebrity Apprentice – ‘That’s From Rock and Roll…and the Brain Surgery’

Monday, March 21 by

I’m happy to report that watching Gary Busey lead is everything you’d hope it to be, assuming you’re hoping it to be awkward and hilariously depressing.


SXSW Review: Jez Jerzy

Monday, March 21 by

This Polish animated movie seems like it would be perfect for people who like Hentai. Personally, animated sex and bestiality don’t do anything for me.

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Liman Tapped For Yet Another “International Man Of Intrigue” Project

Monday, March 21 by

Doug Liman will be direct a movie about a worldly operative that isn’t named “Bourne.”


SXSW Review: Fubar: Balls To The Wall

Monday, March 21 by

I can see it being the type of movie you discover at midnight and it becomes an inside joke with your friends.


Jeff Daniels Might Walk And Talk For Sorkin

Monday, March 21 by

The king of walk and talk meets the king of spider-fear. Too soon?


Neil LaBute Will Find Out Who Poisoned The Old Man

Monday, March 21 by

Neil LaBute apparently likes Agatha Christie more than he likes himself.


Now I Know Who The Boss Is

Monday, March 21 by

Bud Wiser: The King Of Writers