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A New Ensemble Romantic Comedy Is In The Works!

Friday, March 25 by

The Venn diagram of “people interested in this film” and “males” is two separate, non-overlapping circles.

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‘Child’s Play’ Back To Terrify Us As Adults This Time

Friday, March 25 by

I want my mom. I’m fine. I just want my mom.


9 Creepiest Movie Mental Asylums

Friday, March 25 by

While the asylum in Sucker Punch clearly has too much T&A to be creepy, the following nine locations don’t suffer from the same problem.


Mila Kunis Officially A Bad, Bad Witch

Friday, March 25 by

We can commence the “Mila Kunis-Bad Witch” fantasy without having to worry about hearing from Disney’s counsel.


First Eyeballs On Will Ferrell’s ‘Office’ Appearance

Friday, March 25 by

This short clip is way better than ‘Bewitched’.


Director Of ‘Morning Glory’ Now Wants To Tell A Romantic FDR Story

Friday, March 25 by

A movie about a more intimate kind of fireside chat.


Woody Harrelson Is Going To Own Republicans

Friday, March 25 by

Woody Harrelson has joined the cast of Jay Roach’s Game Change. Oddly enough, he won’t be playing his patented crazy redneck character.


‘Archer’ Likely To Enter The Danger Zone For A Third Season

Friday, March 25 by

Maybe in the 3rd season Archer will stop being such an ass.


Weinstein Company Could Soon Make A ‘Derailed’ Video Game

Friday, March 25 by

Now you can play video games AND make the Weinsteins richer simultaneously!


Elysia Rotaru

Friday, March 25 by

Who is Elysia Rotaru? It’s probably too soon to tell.

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See The Trailer For The ‘First Horror Film In One Continuous Shot’

Friday, March 25 by

Don’t! Watch it! Alone!


The Decline Of Mickey

Friday, March 25 by

Let’s hope Minnie isn’t on the streets trickin’.


‘Three Musketeers’ Trailer Replaces Sheen With Explosions

Friday, March 25 by

Summit has released the trailer for Paul W.S. Anderson’s new explosion-y take on The Three Musketeers, which is in 3D, of course.


FX Developing Oliver Stone’s Most Oliver Stoneiest Project Yet

Friday, March 25 by

If this doesn’t go to series, it’s a total conspiracy.


Michael Connelly Pays $3 Million Of His Own Money To Make Some Harry Bosch Movies

Friday, March 25 by

Won’t you please help?