‘Captain America’ Set Photos Prove Nerd Muscle Chamber Is Fake

Monday, March 28 by

Here we see them filming the weakling-turns-into-buff-dude scene and the I’m-a-lady-and-don’t-want-to-sit-down-in-the-Jeep scene.


Greg Mottola To Direct Aaron Sorkin’s Sadly Alien-less HBO Pilot

Monday, March 28 by

Sorkin’s new HBO pilot, which will take us behind-the-scenes (the man loves going behind scenes) at a cable news show, will be directed by Mottola (‘Paul’).


Links Away: The Olsen Twins Are Adorably Racist

Monday, March 28 by

In this scene from “To Grandmother’s House We Go,” the Olsen twins encounter an African American street performer and praise his musical skills in a less-than-politically-correct way.


11 Greatest Songs Of Trey Parker And Matt Stone

Monday, March 28 by

In honor of their recent Broadway success, I’ve compiled my 11 favorite Parker/Stone songs. If you don’t like my list, go f#ck your uncle.

Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 4.58.56 PM

‘The Hangover 2′ Poster Sheds No New Light On The Film

Monday, March 28 by

I think the monkey symbolizes truth. Or a monkey.


Review: CBS’s Chaos

Monday, March 28 by

It’s trying so hard it’s sad.

Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 3.45.12 PM

‘I, Frankenstein’ Scores A Writer-Director To Prove How Not-Like ‘Blade’ It Really Is

Monday, March 28 by

Another day, another announcement of a film adaptation of a bastardized literary character set in modern times protecting humans from various supernatural monsters.

Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 3.23.04 PM

Lively, Palmer, and Cornish Are Oliver Stone’s Fallbacks For ‘The Savages’. Must Be Nice.

Monday, March 28 by

The departure of Jennifer Lawrence means that Oliver Stone must reach out to the next three biggest stars in young Hollywood.


Darren Aronofsky Uses Math To Defend Natalie Portman’s Ballet Cred

Monday, March 28 by

Numbers don’t lie, Black Swan dance double. Numbers don’t lie.

Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 2.23.52 PM

Cronenberg Snags Sarah Gadon For Another Collaboration In ‘Cosmopolis’

Monday, March 28 by

Sarah Gadon is quickly becoming the Viggo Mortensen of actresses.


‘True Legend’ Trailer Makes Bad CG Look Really Cool

Monday, March 28 by

Take note, Paul W.S. Anderson.

Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 1.57.29 PM

Yes, ‘Candyland’ Is Going To Be A Film, But Don’t Worry, The ‘Kung Fu Panda’ Guys Are Writing It

Monday, March 28 by

To answer your question, no. Nothing from your childhood is sacred anymore.

Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 1.53.30 PM

Malick Hipster-izes His Poster, Harry Potter Does Not

Monday, March 28 by

Terrence Malick is fully aware that the ‘Tree of Life’ poster looks like something Wes Anderson would do, so avert those judging eyes.


Neeson, Oldman, Statham, Butler Might Have To Pretend To Be ‘Professionals’

Monday, March 28 by

‘The Professionals’ are coming! ‘The Professionals’ are coming!


Celebrity Apprentice: Gary Busey’s Penis Is Named ‘Big Wednesday’

Monday, March 28 by

On last night’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” we learned that Gary Busey’s penis is named “Big Wednesday.” What else is there to say?