Ivan Reitman Might Bust On The Chinese Before Busting Ghosts

Wednesday, March 23 by

Ivan Reitman’s career lives to see another day thanks to the sex tape he made with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher (or something).

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MPAA Doesn’t Want ‘Sucker Punch’ Audiences To Know How Good Sex With Jon Hamm Really Is

Wednesday, March 23 by

The last thing you would want to convey to a young audience is that sex with the likes of Jon Hamm is anything less than mind-blowing.


9 Bad-Ass Brock Samson Moments From ‘The Venture Brothers’

Wednesday, March 23 by

In honor of the renewal of Jackson Publick’s groundbreaking show, we’ve put together these nine bad ass Brock Samson moments.

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Wiz And Snoop To Make Movie About WWI. Just Kidding. Weed.

Wednesday, March 23 by

Is America ready for an awful movie about marijuana?

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Kenan Thompson The Next To Guard Legacy Of SNL Films With ‘Party Starters’

Wednesday, March 23 by

Kenan no longer needs to refer to his studio apartment as “The House that ‘Fat Albert’ built.”


Will Sasso Top Candidate To Yuk It Up With The Other Two Stooges

Wednesday, March 23 by

Can Sasso deliver a convincing eye-jab?


SYKE! ‘Rise Of The Apes’ Gets A Summer Release After All

Wednesday, March 23 by

With all these shuffling release dates, ‘Rise Of The Apes’ knows how the offspring in military families must feel.

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Jackman Using ‘Wolverine’ Delay To Sing And Dance In San Francisco

Wednesday, March 23 by

Much as you should be avoiding Japan and Libya right now, it is highly recommended that you avoid San Francisco May 3- May 15.


Kirk Jones Carries Pregnancy Movie To Term

Wednesday, March 23 by

A movie about 5 pregnant couples has just found a director. I can’t wait to play count-the-dude’s-drinking-breast-milk-jokes.


New ‘Your Highness’ Trailer Features Possible Weed And Nudity

Wednesday, March 23 by

Hide the children!


SXSW: Anton Yelchin Talks ‘The Beaver’ And ‘Like Crazy’

Wednesday, March 23 by

What’s it like playing opposite Jennifer Lawrence and a woodland creature puppet?

x-men-first-class - thumb

New ‘X-Men: First Class’ Photo Shows Mutants Can Just Hang Out Like Regular Humans

Wednesday, March 23 by

The Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters is a place where mutants can hang out, and do whatever!


Emma Roberts Will Come Of Age In ‘Adult World’

Wednesday, March 23 by

Emma Roberts is going to work in a bookstore. In a movie. Why would she EVER do that in real life?


Zach Galifianakis To Show HBO How Comedy Is Done

Wednesday, March 23 by

Finally, a decent comedy might be on HBO


50 Cent And Bruce Willis Are In A Movie Together (For Some Reason)

Wednesday, March 23 by

I can’t tell you what rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is doing sharing the screen with famous and reasonably talented actor Bruce Willis, but I know this: it ain’t dancin’.