Tom Selleck Indiana Jones

Casting Almosts: 10 Actors Who Nearly Landed Classic Roles

Friday, March 4 by

Whether or not the alternatives would have been successful will never be known, but it’s fun to look back at these casting almosts and wonder “what if?”

Kristen Stewart Runs Errands With Her Mother In A Beat Up Pick-Up Truck!

Kristin Stewart To Play Snow White, Per The Brothers Grimm’s Dying Wishes

Friday, March 4 by

This is the actress that casting directors believe could best portray Snow White. This one. In the picture. Seriously.

Girls Stand

Fanning Sisters To Dress Up As The Shaggs

Friday, March 4 by

2011 is the year of The Shagg!


Everybody Is Still Kung Fu Fighting In ‘Kung Fu Panda 2′ Trailer

Friday, March 4 by

Time to teach children to settle their conflicts by kicking one another once again.


New ‘Puss In Boots’ Teaser And Poster Has Adorable Kitty Action

Friday, March 4 by

It’s like a ‘Shrek’ movie but without ‘Shrek’.


Spike TV’s Animated Charlie Sheen Special Ends The Internet

Friday, March 4 by

Spike TV has partnered with Taiwanese company NMA to bring us a 30 minute special featuring CGI Charlie Sheen scenes (or “scheens” to use the abbreviation).


Angie Everhart

Friday, March 4 by

At one time, Angie Everhart was the face of the modeling world. That time was the fabled lost years between the 1980s and the 199os, when action heroes were the toast of the town and it was still pretty much okay to wear neon-green hospital pants in public.


HBO Previewing ‘Game of Thrones’, Plus A Trailer

Friday, March 4 by

This is the coolest thing to happen since the mighty Gronyok was slain by Tyrus the Great.


‘Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night’ Trailer Shows What Would Happen If Hellboy Were Handsome

Friday, March 4 by

Between Hellboy, The Monster Squad, and the Men In Black, I thought our bases were pretty much covered when it comes to protecting us against the things that go bump in the night. How naive of me.


All Pierce Brosnan Needs Is Love

Friday, March 4 by

Pierce Brosnan is considering a role in recent Oscar winner Susanne Bier’s (‘In A Better World’) new romantic comedy ‘All You Need Is Love’.


It’s Probably Ringo’s

Friday, March 4 by

You could make your very own drummer clone.


Salma Hayek Joins Animated Super-Movie ‘The Prophet’

Friday, March 4 by

Actor/producer/female Salma Hayek has decided to help out with the daunting task that is ‘The Prophet’.


Casting Round Up: Julianne Moore, Luke Evans, And Mira Sorvino

Friday, March 4 by

Hey you’n varmints. Pour your’nselves a cup of that good sarsaparilla and gather on roun’ now. We got our’nselves a good ol’ fasheened Castin’ Round Up!!

Ray Park GI Joe

3 ‘GI Joe’ Cast Members Swallow Their Pride For The Sequel

Friday, March 4 by

This is the fault of everyone who stood by while the cast of ‘GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra’ were mercilessly bullied.


Review: Take Me Home Tonight

Friday, March 4 by

Boy, they just don’t make ‘80s movies like they used to.