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Showtime’s Dark Comedy Generating-Machine Spits Out ‘Chew’

Thursday, March 24 by

Tony Chu is a federal agent who gets clues from eating. Get it? “Chew?”

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‘Game Change’ Casting Predictions

Thursday, March 24 by

Rather than wait for HBO to announce the rest of the ensemble for its upcoming political drama, I thought I’d try my hand at guessing the cast. So, without further ado, here are my Game Change casting predictions.


Who’s Testing For This ‘Bourne Legacy’ Thing Anyways?

Thursday, March 24 by

Now accepting any applicants who aren’t playing Spider-Man or Captain America.

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Michael Shannon Considered To Play Superman’s Non-Luthor Enemy

Thursday, March 24 by

Michael Shannon does not play a very convincing teenager.

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Why Wait? Scribe For Next ‘Spider-Man’ Tapped For ‘Spider-Man’ After That

Thursday, March 24 by

This will be the third ‘Spider-Man’ film he’s written that hasn’t seen theaters.


Paul Giamatti To Be Not At All Creepy In ‘Rock Of Ages’

Thursday, March 24 by

Does this put us one step closer to ‘American Splendor: The Musical’?

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Lars Von Trier’s ‘The Nymphomaniac’ Sure To Be Unsexy, Borderline Revolting

Thursday, March 24 by

This man is paid to frustrate and confuse film audiences.


Tim Dowling To Settle Who’s Smoother: Denzel Or Will

Thursday, March 24 by

There can be only one.

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You Get At Least 26 More Episodes Of ‘Futurama’

Thursday, March 24 by

Five out of five Dr. Zoidbergs agree.


You Get To See ‘Tree of Life’ At Cannes!

Thursday, March 24 by

Bring all of your friends to Cannes and see some dinosaurs!


Comedy Central May Order David Gordon Green Pilot NOT About Weed

Thursday, March 24 by

The pilot, “Black Jack,” concerns a retired special ops agent, and has nothing whatsoever to do with Jack Black.


SYKE! Captain Kirk Will NOT Learn The Sting Of First Love In ‘Star Trek’ Sequel

Thursday, March 24 by

Chris Pine took to his Facebook page today to update fans that he’ll totally be slattherin’ some space-stank on his hangdown in the sequel. Ooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!


Review: Sucker Punch

Thursday, March 24 by

It’s not asking us to make sense of some random minimalist montage. It’s putting on a multi-million dollar show with no restrictions.


Netflix Instant Distractions Of The Week

Thursday, March 24 by

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time for your weekly Netflix Instant recommendations.


Amy Adams To Duet With Tom Cruise?

Thursday, March 24 by

Amy Adams wants to know what love is.