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Yes, ‘Candyland’ Is Going To Be A Film, But Don’t Worry, The ‘Kung Fu Panda’ Guys Are Writing It

Monday, March 28 by

To answer your question, no. Nothing from your childhood is sacred anymore.

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Malick Hipster-izes His Poster, Harry Potter Does Not

Monday, March 28 by

Terrence Malick is fully aware that the ‘Tree of Life’ poster looks like something Wes Anderson would do, so avert those judging eyes.


Neeson, Oldman, Statham, Butler Might Have To Pretend To Be ‘Professionals’

Monday, March 28 by

‘The Professionals’ are coming! ‘The Professionals’ are coming!


Celebrity Apprentice: Gary Busey’s Penis Is Named ‘Big Wednesday’

Monday, March 28 by

On last night’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” we learned that Gary Busey’s penis is named “Big Wednesday.” What else is there to say?


Review: Breaking In

Monday, March 28 by

The biggest surprise of the spring crop of midseason shows. I didn’t expect to like it, but it’s actually a lot of fun.


‘X-Men 4 & 5′ May Soon Be A Terrifying Reality

Monday, March 28 by

‘X-Men’ sequels would feature all the characters who weren’t killed in ‘X-Men 3′


Linda Cardellini

Monday, March 28 by

Best identified with her leading role on TV cult classic “Freaks and Geeks,” Linda Cardellini will make a short appearance in Super, out this week.


‘Midnight In Paris’ Trailer: Now It’s Owen Wilson’s Turn To Imitate Woody Allen

Monday, March 28 by

It was either him or Vince Vaughn.


It Looks Like The ‘Suspiria’ Remake Is Actually Happening

Monday, March 28 by

‘Suspiria’, but with weed.


Take A (Good, Long) First Look At New Pixar And Scorsese Films

Monday, March 28 by

Images from ‘Brave’ and ‘Hugo Cabret’ will tide you over until the trailers arrive one day.


Tom Wins

Monday, March 28 by

I knew he’d get that mouse eventually.


Review: The United States Of Tara Season 3 Premiere

Monday, March 28 by

Gets off to a cool start as it addresses last year’s revelation that Tara had a brother.


Antoine Fuqua To Hit The Mean Streets Of The Tang Dynasty

Monday, March 28 by

Will Tupac be on the soundtrack?


Ryan Murphy Will Not Direct Willow Smith’s ‘Annie’ Remake, Enjoys Silly Hats

Monday, March 28 by

The ball is yours to drop, Adam Shankman.


Randy Quaid And Wife Are The New Werner Herzog

Monday, March 28 by

The Quaids are screening a film about their escape from the Star Whackers. Our sincerest apologies to Canada.