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Twist! Shyamalan To Launch Will And Jaden Smith Into Space

Monday, April 4 by

What’s the opposite of “synergy?” That’s what this is.


‘Chinatown’ Writer Towne To Pen Mini-Series About Pompeii

Monday, April 4 by

Forget it Jake, It’s… Pompeii.


Let’s Have A Look At January Jones’ Boobs And Some Other ‘X-Men: First Class’ Stuff

Monday, April 4 by

January Jones is doing her part to save the magazine industry.


See A Trailer For ‘The Governator’ Animated Series, Which Is Still Really Happening

Monday, April 4 by

You’re going to watch it eventually, so why not now?


Jennifer Garner

Monday, April 4 by

Jennifer Garner has come a long way since her days of leather speedsuits and extended TV action sequences.


Katie Couric To Go Do Her Thing Elsewhere

Monday, April 4 by

Five years of ‘CBS Evening News’ is too long to go without giggling on TV.


Official Bidness: Hemsworth And Hutcherson Will Go Hungry

Monday, April 4 by

They’re the male leads in ‘The Hunger Games’! It’s finally happening!


Melt Your Brain With The First Fourteen Minutes From ‘Game Of Thrones’

Monday, April 4 by

The following program contains violence, nudity, adult language, adult content, and other awesome things.


‘Immortals’ Is Looking Pretty, Pretty ’300′-y

Monday, April 4 by

These new character posters look all epic and helmet-y.


Zuckerberg Note Pass

Monday, April 4 by

I think Mark just found a new career.

puffy shirt

Pirates Are Coming To TV

Monday, April 4 by

I bet the pirates’ trailer is going to smell awful.


‘The Governator’ Will Be Back… IN 3D

Monday, April 4 by

Expect a 3D film to accompany the show, comic book, web series, and action figures.


Blu-Ray Review: Teen Wolf

Monday, April 4 by

Well what have we here? One of my early childhood favorites Teen Wolf is coming to Blu-ray and I, BHunt, get to review it?


Weekend Box Office Report: It’s ‘Hop’ Time In America

Monday, April 4 by

Happy Easter from your friends at ‘Hop’.


Luke Evans Thinks That Luke Evans May Get The Lead In ‘The Bourne Legacy’

Monday, April 4 by

He should have some TEAM LUKE t-shirts printed up.