Milo Ventimiglia And Sarah Shahi To Star In Really Cheap 3D Thriller

Wednesday, March 30 by

Will audience members respond positively to attractive people in movies?


Adrianne Palicki Still Looks Less Hot In ‘Wonder Woman’s’ Revised Costume

Wednesday, March 30 by

Surprisingly, she looks like a dork in that thing.


Willpower Overload

Wednesday, March 30 by

Fallon and Lorne’s wives must be watching at home.


Lo, As The Prophecies Foretold, Craig Robinson Is The Antichrist

Wednesday, March 30 by

And there shall be bees of great length, and blood shall drip all over everything.


Blu-Ray Review: TRON: Legacy

Wednesday, March 30 by

You can re-watch the light cycle sequence over and over and over again, staring at the light trails with your eyes glassy and your jaw hanging open.


Warners Didn’t Like ‘The Green Lantern’ Trailer Either

Wednesday, March 30 by

Don’t worry. We’re going to see a revised marketing onslaught soon enough.


Dude, I Think The Mermaids From ‘Pirates 4′ Are Checking You Out

Tuesday, March 29 by

Don’t look right over there. You’re gonna blow it.


Richard LaGravenese To Write Crazily True WWII Survivor Story

Tuesday, March 29 by

‘Unbroken’ is about Louis Zamperini: Olympic athlete, Air Force pilot, and Japanese POW camp survivor. I’d also be interested in playing the video game.


Jackman Will Find “Better” Aronofsky For ‘Wolverine 2′, Bub

Tuesday, March 29 by

Hugh Jackman made a statement at CinemaCon today, in an effort to slice up the evil villain Malaise-O, who has kidnapped the film’s production since director Aronofsky’s departure.


Pixar Pledges Party Frat With ‘Monster University’

Tuesday, March 29 by

The true animation domination-ers at Pixar officially announced the ‘Monsters Inc.’ sequel will be called ‘Monster University’. Anyone else wanna enroll?


MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ Trailer Features Shockingly Little Wolfsketball

Tuesday, March 29 by

Bad news Michael J. Fox fans: the trailer is ‘Teen Wolf’ meets ‘Twilight’.


‘Dead Circus’ With Michael C. Hall and Melissa Leo Is Not About Murder At Cirque Du Soleil

Tuesday, March 29 by

The story is about a screenwriter — trust me, it does get better — who investigates the “suicide” of pop star Bobby Fuller in 1966.


Links Away: Donald Glover And Fan Bust A Rhyme

Tuesday, March 29 by

In perhaps the greatest moment of his short life, a young “Community” fan requests that Donald Glover perform the show’s “La Biblioteca” rap with him, and Glover agrees.

Screen shot 2011-03-29 at 5.12.37 PM

If You Liked The Writing Of ‘Twilight’ Then You’ll Probably Tolerate ‘Earthseed’

Tuesday, March 29 by

This woman speaks the language of teens and tweens the world over. Yes, you’re looking at the right picture.


DreamWorks And Shawn Levy Hard At Work On The Demise Of Film

Tuesday, March 29 by

But what will they shoot it on is the question.