Michael C. Hall Talks ‘Dexter’ And Peep Booths

Tuesday, March 22 by

He’s starring in ‘Peep World’ this weekend and returning to ‘Dexter’ soon.

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Paramount Loses Shot At The Elusive “Remake” As ‘Dune’ Rights Expire

Tuesday, March 22 by

A Hollywood studio was not able to create a remake out of something. Read that sentence again. The end is nigh.

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Colin Firth To Steal Alan Rickman’s Stuff In ‘Gambit’

Tuesday, March 22 by

Haha, Hans Gruber! Mega-heists aren’t so awesome when they’re happening to you, are they?

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Jerry Stahl, Rob Marshall And Johnny Depp Unite To Create…A Remake!

Tuesday, March 22 by

Well, it looks like Johnny Depp will get to play an entirely new type of off-kilter fop in The Thin Man


Andrea Berloff Moving From 9/11 To Cocaine

Tuesday, March 22 by

A cocaine cowboy!?


SXSW Filmmaker Wrap-Up

Tuesday, March 22 by

I made it a point to interview as many new filmmakers as I could at SXSW. You never know who’s going to become the next big thing.


Samantha Morton Wants To Get With Robert Pattinson In ‘Cosmopolis’

Tuesday, March 22 by

David Cronenberg is going to jam another person into that limo.


Four Of Your Favorite Comics Will Be ‘Talking Funny’ For HBO

Tuesday, March 22 by

Four of the best stand up comedians alive are going to be on HBO, sitting down.


Ladies Lined Up Around The Block To Be In ‘Total Recall’ Remake

Tuesday, March 22 by

So many females, so little parts.


Hope Dworaczyk

Tuesday, March 22 by

Model, reality show contestant, and television host, Hope Dworaczyk is primarily known for being really, really good looking.


Bender Hat

Tuesday, March 22 by

Don’t wear while driving.


Hot Dog! AMC Finally Close To Reaching A ‘Mad Men’ Deal

Tuesday, March 22 by

The cast of ‘Mad Men’ to have an extra-long summer vacation.


Blu-Ray Review: Skyline

Tuesday, March 22 by

Not a bad audio commentary with the directors, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Somebody Had Better Damned Well Pay For Brad Pitt’s ‘World War Z’

Tuesday, March 22 by

Max Brooks’ World War Z: An Oral History Of The Zombie War is easily in the upper echelons of zombie fiction. Then why is Paramount having a hard time finding somebody to pick up the tab?

Carnage 2

See Photos From Roman Polanski’s Upcoming ‘Carnage’ And Try Not To Wince

Tuesday, March 22 by

Everyone can get excited about the new film from Roman Polanski!