Warning: Red-Band ‘Blitz’ Trailer Contains Violence, Language, And Male Nudity For Some Reason

Monday, March 14 by

Well, it’s springtime. Which means along with the setting forward of clocks, comes the kicking of asses courtesy of Jason Statham.


Busey Watch: ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Episode Two

Monday, March 14 by

It’s week two of Gary Busey’s stint on “Celebrity Apprentice,” and America’s favorite brain-damaged thespian did not disappoint. Actually, he did. Although to be fair, it wasn’t all his fault.

Screen shot 2011-03-14 at 12.48.25 PM

Larry King In ‘Daily Show’ Talks, Viacom Increases Suspender Budget

Monday, March 14 by

Larry King has been speaking with “The Daily Show” execs about contributing…whatever the hell he brings to the table.


Fox Wants To Go To Space With McG

Monday, March 14 by

The director will helm an untitled space adventure from the screenwriter of ‘Doom’ and ‘The Expendables’. Sci-fi fans are… skeptical.


New ‘Your Highness’ Character Posters Showcase Exquisite Facial Structures Of Portman, Franco, And McBride

Monday, March 14 by

Pass these posters around the room.


Bobcat Goldthwait Wants To Murder Some Teenagers

Monday, March 14 by

Hopefully no crazy people will watch this movie.


‘Hereafter’ Pulled From Japanese Movie Theaters

Monday, March 14 by

The film, which opens with a Tusnami destroying a Japanese resort, has been pulled out of respect for the country.


HBO Picks Up Russian Spy Drama, Makes Me Distrustful Of Guy Who Sold Me Stereo

Monday, March 14 by

HBO is ready to finger some Russian spies. And make a show about them too.

David Lynch Duran Duran

A Duran Duran Concert Film To Be The Weirdest Thing David Lynch Does That Day

Monday, March 14 by

I wonder how “Hungry Like The Wolf” would sound with a grinding industrial hum in the background.


Abbie Cornish

Monday, March 14 by

Well known for her work in her native Australia, Abbie Cornish looks poised to affirm her place as an American film presence over the next several months.


Poor Bench Didn’t Stand A Chance

Monday, March 14 by

His bed must be constructed of adamantium.


Brendan Fraser So Desperate He’s Stealing Fish

Monday, March 14 by

After the double-suck-whammy of Extraordinary Measures and Furry Vengeance, he’ll do anything.


See A ‘TRON’ Short Film If You Still Need More Boxleitner

Monday, March 14 by

All of your unasked questions about ‘Tron’ have now been answered.


SXSW Interview: James Wan Talks ‘Insidious’

Monday, March 14 by

Wan discusses the SXSW premiere of ‘Insidious’ and the films that have emerged since our last meeting.


SXSW Review: The Innkeepers

Monday, March 14 by

A good campfire style horror movie. The scares are light and fun, not deep horrific terror.