Melissa George

Monday, April 11 by

Australian actress Melissa George pretty much never stops moving.


First Look At Special Effects For ‘Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes’ Is Four Seconds Of Incredible Realism

Monday, April 11 by

Look into his eyes.


Guess What James Cameron’s New Company Does (HINT: It’s 3D)

Monday, April 11 by

This guy’s really nuts about the third dimension, huh?


Douglas Trumbull To Blow Your Mind With Frame Rates

Monday, April 11 by

A movie at 60 fps is, like, three times as good.


‘The Harder They Come’, The Easier They Remake

Monday, April 11 by

Hey, alright! They’re remaking that Jamaican crime film that I’ve never heard of before.


Weekend Box Office: Russell Brand Is Supernova Hot

Monday, April 11 by

Russell Brand knows what a small portion of the people want.


Aziz Ansari Loaning His Filthy Mouth To ‘What’s Your Number?’

Monday, April 11 by

Anna Faris needs a little help earning your grandmother’s disapproval.


We’re Chillin’ In Rio With The ‘Fast Five’ Crew!

Monday, April 11 by

Sometimes this job is really tough.


Oh, Gross! Mickey Rourke Gets With Megan Fox In ‘Passion Play’ Trailer

Monday, April 11 by

Being an actress seems difficult.

woman in black

Teaser For ‘The Woman In Black’ Has No Woman In Black

Sunday, April 10 by

Unless you count Daniel Radcliffe.


Michael Shannon To Shoot Superman Creepy Glances

Sunday, April 10 by

All hail General Zod.


ActionFest Review: ‘Little Big Soldier’

Sunday, April 10 by

There’s no ladder twirling, conveyor belt sticking or cashier slot jumping through, but it’s always fun to see Chan move.


ActionFest Review: Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown

Sunday, April 10 by

The fighting is way more intense and just more entertaining than the original.


ActionFest: Man Sets Himself On Fire, BMX Bikers, And More!

Sunday, April 10 by

Watch the stuntmen do what they do best.

x-men-first-class - thumb

‘X-Men: First Class’ Int. Trailer – This Time In English

Sunday, April 10 by

This time you don’t need subtitles!