Links Away: Steven Seagal Breaks A Lot Of Bones

Wednesday, March 23 by

After several violent decades as an action hero for hire, Steven Seagal has amassed quite the kill count. Even more impressive, however, is the number of bones he’s broken.


‘National Treasure 3′ Will Not Be Ad-Libbed

Wednesday, March 23 by

Don’t be surprised if you see Brian Koppelman and David Levien in the United States history section of Barnes & Noble.


Doc Brown Pimped His Ride

Wednesday, March 23 by

Gladly crushes the fabric of time and space.

Rashida_Jones_02 - thumb

Andy Samberg Brought In To Defeat The Curse Of Rashida Jones’ Screenplay

Wednesday, March 23 by

One brave studio is driving forward to produce a cursed script.


9 Greatest Movie Pranks

Wednesday, March 23 by

We can recommend trying some of these on April Fools’ Day (or any other day), as long as you understand you’ll probably die or go to jail. Enjoy.


SXSW Review: Incendiary: The Willingham Case

Wednesday, March 23 by

A compelling documentary about how Todd Willingham was charged and executed for the murder of this three children.


R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor

Wednesday, March 23 by

Rainbow flags are flying at half-mast today.


The Rock Pinky Swears That He Will Star In ‘Snitch’

Wednesday, March 23 by

Dwayne Johnson’s transformation back into The Rock grows more complete with every casting. He’s just signed on to punch guys in the face and do that thing where you pick them up by the throat and then throw them down for the movie Snitch.


Showtime Stops Californicating With Netflix

Wednesday, March 23 by

You know what I don’t want to pay for? Showtime. But now they expect me to for some reason.


‘Captain America’ Trailer Preview Almost Ruined By “Entertainment Tonight”

Wednesday, March 23 by

This trailer-preview-thing for director Joe Johnston’s ‘Captain America’ comes courtesy of “E.T.,” who got their glitziness and excessive voice over all over Cap’s shield.


Official ‘Rio’ – Angry Birds Music Video: “The Brand Synergy Salsa”

Wednesday, March 23 by

There’s no way these two properties could resist bird-sexing each other.


That Bastard Doug Liman Wants To Send Megan Fox To The ‘Moon’

Wednesday, March 23 by

The director is finally dusting off his sci-fi caper film, with the clever name “untitled ‘Moon’ project,” and is talking to Fox, Rosario Dawson, Andrew Garfield and many more.


‘The Venture Bros’ Gets Two More Seasons Of Superheroic Bureaucracy

Wednesday, March 23 by

“Venture Bros” co-creator Jackson Publick posted great news about his Adult Swim show on LiveJournal. Yeah, LiveJournal. Remember LiveJournal?


Benicio Del Toro Set To Squint In ‘Savages’

Tuesday, March 22 by

Director Oliver Stone has got the Toro hookup, cause he’s the latest to sign on for Stone’s drug drama ‘Savages’.


13 Sexiest Topless TV Scenes: Showtime Edition

Tuesday, March 22 by

A few weeks ago, I brought you the greatest topless scenes from HBO’s original programing, and today I’m doing the same for Showtime.