Read Plot Details For ‘American Reunion’ Because What Else Do You Have Going On?

Thursday, March 24 by

10 things you might want to know about ‘American Reunion’


The Credible Olsen Sister Snags Another Indie Film Role

Thursday, March 24 by

Sundance darlings Elizabeth Olsen and Josh Radnor are teaming up to take over the festival.


Madea And Snooki Merge Into One Annoying Life Form

Wednesday, March 23 by

Scientists have combined “Jersey Shore” cast member Snooki and Tyler Perry’s Madea, so it can be stuffed into a rocket ship and blasted into the sun.


Jason Schwartzman Joins New Wes Anderson Film In Casting Shocker

Wednesday, March 23 by

The new movie, with the totally not hipster-y title ‘Moonrise Kingdom’, stars Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand and of course, Schwartzman.


Everyone’s Favorite David Duchovny Wife Tea Leoni Gets HBO Show

Wednesday, March 23 by

The Jurassic Park 3 star is headed to HBO in “Spring/Fall,” as hazy memories of the 90s slowly come back to me.


Trailer For Mark Ruffalo’s Astoundingly-Named ‘Sympathy For Delicious’

Wednesday, March 23 by

Ruffalo helms this movie about a DJ who gets paralyzed. Okay. Then the DJ suddenly develops the power to heal people, but not himself. Uhm… okay?


‘Rock Of Ages’ And ‘Jack The Giant Killer’ To Rock ‘N’ Kill June 2012

Wednesday, March 23 by

No, these movies are not just gonna sit on an executive’s shelf as multi-million dollar dust catchers. They’re coming to theaters.


‘Social Network’ Author and ‘Easy A’ Director Team Up To Commit Moon Crimes?

Wednesday, March 23 by

This might be director Will Gluck’s (‘Easy A’) big chance to swipe his piece of the big cheese rock in the sky.

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‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins’ Teaser Is Here! ‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins’ Teaser Is Here!

Wednesday, March 23 by

Oh, Jim Carrey is living with penguins all right!

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Ed Harris In The Role He Was Born To Play: John McCain

Wednesday, March 23 by

An exciting actor for an exciting rol…*snooze*


Links Away: The Eye of Sauron – Home And Office Edition

Wednesday, March 23 by

Pretty soon these things will replace Skype as the video conferencing vehicle of choice.


9 Possible Shows For Glenn Beck’s New Cable Network

Wednesday, March 23 by

Running a network takes a lot of work, and more importantly, a lot of original programing. Here are nine possible shows that will get the ball rolling.


Harry Houdini Is The New Julian Assange

Wednesday, March 23 by

Despite being dead for 85 years and the fact that nobody really cares about magicians, the illusionist is now the subject of a third film currently in development.


‘Captain America’ Trailer Reps The Red, White And Blue

Wednesday, March 23 by

The new Captain America trailer is here. Red Skull fans rejoice.

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‘King’s Speech’ Scribe Prepping Story About POWs, Might Put This Oscar On The Mantle

Wednesday, March 23 by

‘Games of 1940′ will probably be released in November of 2012, then again in March of 2013 after it wins Best Picture.