Screen Junkies Show: The Screen Junkies Geek Games!!

Thursday, August 20 by

Team ScreenJunkies gets up off the movie couch to battle in some IRL Movie Fights. Part Movie Trivia, Part Ninja Warrior, these are the GEEK GAMES!


‘SPECTRE’ Trailer With Some Much Needed Roger Moore

Thursday, August 20 by

He’s still got that right mix of charm, danger, and potential drunkenness.


‘Minority Report’ Is Looking Pretty Good

Tuesday, August 18 by

You don’t need to float in a pool of future milk to see that this is going to be one of the bright spots on the fall schedule.

fury road gokart

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Gets Insane Go-Kart Remake

Tuesday, August 18 by

This. I want to do this for my birthday.

trevor noah

Trevor Noah Takes ‘Daily Show’ Throne In New Promo

Tuesday, August 18 by

Premieres September 28th.

spectre girls

Get To Know Bond’s Special Lady Friends In This ‘Women Of SPECTRE’ Featurette

Tuesday, August 18 by

Dude gets around.


James McAvoy And Daniel Radcliffe Play My Two Dads In ‘Victor Frankenstein’ Trailer

Tuesday, August 18 by

I don’t remember Mary Shelley’s book being so explodey.


New Supercut Reveals Owen Wilson Only Knows About Twelve Words

Tuesday, August 18 by



Honest Trailers – Kingsman: The Secret Service

Tuesday, August 18 by

From not Guy Ritchie, comes the James Bond-ish spy comedy that caught everyone by surprise – because it was actually pretty good! Kingsman: The Secret Service!

MF_Star Wars Ride_LIVE

Disney World’s Star Wars Land: Dream Rides!? – Movie Fights LIVE!

Tuesday, August 18 by

Movie Fights LIVE! Dan Murrell, Mike Carlson, and Amy Nicholson design & pitch the ultimate Star Wars ride with judge Andy Signore.

capt america

What If ‘Captain America’ Starred In The ‘Deadpool’ Trailer?

Monday, August 17 by

Well, that’s not very wholesome.


‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Photo Reveals The Film’s Cast

Monday, August 17 by

A first look at one of many, many new ‘Star Wars’ movies.


Tracy Morgan To Return To ‘Saturday Night Live’

Monday, August 17 by

Sadly, for one night only.


Colin Trevorrow To Direct ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’

Monday, August 17 by

He’s arrived.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 4.22.16 PM

Somehow, The Reboot Of ‘League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ Reboot Will Focus On Women

Monday, August 17 by

When all else fails, flip the genders and see what happens!


6 Movie Killing Sprees That Are Down Right Terrifying

Most sprees are fun like the ones where you get to run screaming through a toy store shoving things in your cart but the bad ones start and end with...

The 5 Most Epic Battles In Movie History

A great fight doesn’t need a million strong army or giant explosions, what it needs is to get your blood boiling, your adrenaline triggered and to deliver enough action to...

4 Women On the Road Movies That Aren’t Thelma And Louise

    Not all vacations end with a friendship bonded suicide, most end with some fighting, threats of divorce or getting stalked by evil. With these four women on the...

Death On Set: 5 Movies That Someone Died While Making

  Creating a movie brings an element of risk. Filming a scene can put actors and stunt people in front of the camera and the crew behind the camera in...

The 6 Biggest Movie Giants That Terrorized The Common People

Tiny monsters, unless they find their way up your pants leg just aren’t all that scary. Now add hundreds to thousands of pounds and some anger issues and you’ve got...

The 6 Most Grotesque Zombie Deaths

The undead genre would’ve lasted four months if they were able to spread their disease by hugging. Luckily for the wallets of many, zombies tend to be worse biters than...

the 5 Greatest Movies About Dictators

From the imagined to the real, cruel leaders are the true monsters that don’t need to fear the sunlight or hide under beds. Watch the five greatest movies about dictators...

The 4 Best Youtube Scifi Series

Despite box office returns, not all science fiction needs giant CGI budget robots junk punching each other in outer space or enough explosions to empty a few third world mines...

Freedom Fighting Movies Like Freedom

Battles to be subjugated and enslaved are far and few between outside your average suburban S&M dungeon, which makes the case for how powerful the urge to have freedom is...

5 Movies About Paris That Will Make You Fall In Love

Paris is the city of love and romance and is the kind of place you have to go with your significant other to fully enjoy. Or, you just have to...

5 Evil Parents You Are Happy You Didn?t Grow Up With

  When you were younger, you probably thought that you had the worst parents in the world. This might be because they scorned you in front of your pals, or...

4 Broadway Plays That Were Adapted From Movies

Not every movie deserves to live on in other mediums, but that’s for the ticket sales and the eyes of the beholders to judge. Clap, fall asleep, or play Statler...

3 Watergate Movies Nixon Doesn?t Want You To See

These Movie Bootleggers Make The Best Hooch

  For some reason on October 28, 1919, Congress passed the Volstead Act, which prohibited the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within the United States. Of course, the...

The 6 Most Epic Samurai Fights In Movie History

Bringing a knife to a gunfight is normally an ill-advised move but in the world of the martial arts, exceptions can be made for the masters of the blade. Anyone...

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