Gotham City Will Look A Little More Pittsburghy This Time

Tuesday, April 5 by

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is shooting there.


Slater & Jessie For-Ev-A

Tuesday, April 5 by

I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it!


Miley Cyrus Sex Doll Now Available For All You Fans Of ‘The Last Song’

Tuesday, April 5 by

Miley Cyrus will put her name on anything.


Michael Fassbender And Liam Cunningham Are Punks

Tuesday, April 5 by

Punk rock!


Mark Wahlberg Might Be Running The Old ‘Bait And Switch’

Tuesday, April 5 by

Hooray, another action-comedy!


Richard Curtis And Stephen Daldry Want To Wallow In Trash Together

Tuesday, April 5 by

Not in the same way that those people on ‘Hoarders’ pick trash.


Scream 4

Tuesday, April 5 by

Ghostface returns for more media and coed skewering.


Sharon Tate Is The Next Role Lindsay Lohan Won’t Get

Tuesday, April 5 by

Maybe she’ll do it if they pay her in Red Bull and Marlboros.


‘Horrible Bosses’ Preview: Charlie Day Also Not Into Jennifer Aniston

Monday, April 4 by

Vince Vaughn, John Mayer and now Charlie Day (“It’s Always Sunny”) joins the No Jennifer Aniston Club. Check out these preview pics for ‘Horrible Bosses’ with Kevin Spacey and Jason Bateman.


‘Flight Of The Conchords’ Star Nabs Indie Cool Elf Role In ‘Hobbit’

Monday, April 4 by

Bret McKenzie is playing the elf of choice for people who aren’t into mainstream elves like Turgon (so overrated).


Get Ready To Crush On Diego Boneta In ‘Rock Of Ages’, Ladies

Monday, April 4 by

Your little sister might be excited that Diego Gonzalez Boneta (“Pretty Little Liars,” “90210″) will officially star in ‘Rock of Ages’. See how dreamy he is?


Sean Hayes Is Logically Cast As Larry In ‘Three Stooges’

Monday, April 4 by

The role of Larry, once rumored to be played by Oscar winning actor Sean Penn, will instead go to Sean Hayes (“Will and Grace”). Those are two very different Seans.


Pixar Blows ‘Monsters University’ Release Date Due To Awesomeness Of Video Games

Monday, April 4 by

Pixar pushed back the release of their college movie sequel to ‘Monster’s Inc’. In true college student fashion, they’re missing their original deadline because of video games.


Most Successful Father-Son Acting Duos Of All Time

Monday, April 4 by

Are Will and Jaden Smith the most successful father-son acting duo of all time? Not, yet, but sadly, it won’t be that hard for them to claim the title.


Tyler Perry To Create Another Madea-less Movie For Some Reason

Monday, April 4 by

Perry will write, produce direct, do makeup for and star in ‘Good Deeds’. The title is a pun – see if you can figure it out by reading the plot description.