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‘A Visit From The Goon Squad’ Is Going To Visit HBO

Wednesday, April 20 by

San Fran punk rockers are going to be the new barometers of our times. Way scarier than “True Blood.”


Casting Round-Up: ‘Hunger Games’, ‘Jump Street’ And More

Wednesday, April 20 by

Did anyone in Hollywood NOT get cast in something today?

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‘The Change-Up’ Trailer: A Bateman/Reynolds Body Switch

Wednesday, April 20 by

In the vein of ‘Vice Versa’ and ‘Like Father, Like Son’ comes another awesome mind-transfer movie, only without dads and sons.

Pineapple Express Red 300

9 Greatest Movie Weed Dealers

Wednesday, April 20 by

If you’re not a smoker, I apologize in advance for the poor grammar.


FX Has Some Good Reasons To Stay Inside This Summer

Wednesday, April 20 by

There go my plans to help the needy.

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Shawn Levy And Fox Love This Unwritten Book ‘Black Is The Color’

Wednesday, April 20 by

I totally know where they’re coming from; I’m a real buff for historical works about World War IV.

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Andy Samberg Is Now In Charge Of ‘Shark Week’

Wednesday, April 20 by

All hail the king of the deep ocean. ALL HAIL ANDY SAMBERG!

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Check Out Some Gloomy Images From ‘Batman: Year One’

Wednesday, April 20 by

Why’s Batman so angry all the time? Cheer up, Batman!


R.I.P. Tim Hetherington

Wednesday, April 20 by

The ‘Restrepo’ documentarian is feared dead in Libya.


Carrie Underwood

Wednesday, April 20 by

“American Idol” winner Carrie Underwood recently tried her hand at acting, appearing in Soul Surfer.


Catherine Zeta-Jones Latest To Be Suckered Into ‘Rock of Ages’

Wednesday, April 20 by

Michael Douglas is going to be furious.


Ummmm Hey, Bert…

Wednesday, April 20 by

Real Bert is really terrifying.


23 Directors And Producers Form A Fellowship To Cast VOD Into Mordor

Wednesday, April 20 by

One does not simply pay 30 dollars to get into Mordor.


John Luessenhop To Direct Leatherface’s Next Massacre

Wednesday, April 20 by

The ‘Takers’ director will lead the dissection of sexy teens in ‘Leatherface 3D’


Spot The Differences In New Int. ‘X-Men: First Class’ Trailer

Wednesday, April 20 by

Another day, another ‘X-Men: First Class’ trailer.