Check Out Teaser Trailer For ‘Love Guru 2′, err, I Mean ‘Johnny English Reborn’

Thursday, April 7 by

I liked the parts where people get hit in the face.


Tim Roth To Act Serious In Serious Movie

Thursday, April 7 by

Tim Roth is a decent actor.


‘Little Fockers’ Caption Contest Winners!

Thursday, April 7 by

And the winners are…


Joe Wright Casting Everyone You Would Expect Him To In ‘Anna Karenina’

Thursday, April 7 by

It’s a who’s who of whoever has worked with Joe Wright before.


‘Captain America’ Reshoots In The Unites States of Los Angelesia

Wednesday, April 6 by

The fact that ‘Captain America: The Last Avenger’ shot in the UK kinda sucks Henry Cavill-style, but at least they’re dipping their shield into a little American location pie.


Fox News Gives Glenn Beck Something New To Cry About

Wednesday, April 6 by

Glenn Beck is gonna have to go back to the conspiracy drawing board, because his Fox News show is coming to an end. Who’s behind all this? NPR? The Obama Administration?


Fox Adds Exciting New Words To ‘Rise Of The Apes’ Title

Wednesday, April 6 by

Twentieth Century Fox’s marketing team knows: the more words you add to a title, the more money you will make. That is science fact.


Javier Bardem “In” For Never-Ending ‘Dark Tower’ Series?

Wednesday, April 6 by

Bardem is in final talks to join the adaptation of Stephen King’s book series, which will include three movies and two TV mini-series. Okay, but will there also be a web series and a couple Nintendo 3DS games?


Rob Riggle Joins Very Serious ’21 Jump Street’ Movie

Wednesday, April 6 by

Comedian Rob Riggle (‘The Daily Show’) is ready to torment some kids. Or rather, cops pretending to be kids. Or rather… something. We’ll see.


Casting Round-Up: Penelope Cruz, Thandie Newton, Jay Baruchel, And Maggie Grace

Wednesday, April 6 by

Woody Allen, Tyler Perry and David Cronenberg will direct them. In different projects, though I’d be curious to know what the six of them would accomplish together.


Orlando Bloom Says Legolas Is Likely To Be In ‘The Hobbit’

Wednesday, April 6 by

At his latest press junket, he gave good indications that Peter Jackson wants Legolas back.


Links Away: Fan-Made ‘X-Men’ Trailer Gets All Retro

Wednesday, April 6 by

Here’s something for any X-Men fans who wish that First Class had taken more of a retro approach in look and feel.


Mark Ruffalo Talks Hulk Prep, Script Work, And Being #3

Wednesday, April 6 by

Hulk is his generation’s Hamlet.

Screen shot 2011-04-06 at 5.07.07 PM

Clive Owen To Star In His 1,348th Consecutive Thriller

Wednesday, April 6 by

He couldn’t just let a perfectly good can of mustache wax go to waste, guys.

Screen shot 2011-04-06 at 4.31.20 PM

Robert Redford Is Starring In A Baseball Period Piece…Again

Wednesday, April 6 by

Redford will play the guy that introduced the batting helmet to the majors. Also, he helped tear down the color barrier, but mostly the helmet thing.