Mark Wahlberg Is Practicing Beating The Crap Out Of People For ‘The Fighter’ Sequel

Tuesday, March 15 by

He’s shaping up that sloppy mess of a body.

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Netflix To “Air” Episodes Of Spacey/Fincher’s ‘House Of Cards’

Tuesday, March 15 by

Look out, “Mad Men,” “House Of Cards” might drink your milkshake.


You Won’t See Will Smith Sassing Alec Baldwin In ‘Men In Black III’

Tuesday, March 15 by

Men In Black III has suffered it’s first casualty. The topsy-turvy production schedule has caused Manny from Quiet On The Chef Gourmet Catering to leave the project. He’s reportedly upset to have to jump ship but he’s got to pay his bills. Alec Baldwin is also leaving.


9 Movie Lawyers We’d Want Defending Us

Tuesday, March 15 by

We definitely want the following nine movie lawyers on our side if we ever end up in a court room.

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New ‘Bridesmaids’ Trailer Offers No Surprises (And Vomiting)

Tuesday, March 15 by

If you’re the type of person that enjoys watching people suffer from food poisoning in fancy environments, you will love this trailer.


Verbinski To Mash Up ‘CSI’, ‘X-Files’, And ‘House’ For Starz

Tuesday, March 15 by

The ‘Rango’ director is getting creepy on Starz.

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Tom Hanks To Be In A Pirate Movie, But Not The Fun Kind

Tuesday, March 15 by

Tom Hanks has signed up to play a great man with integrity. In other breaking news, the sky is blue.

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‘Sucker Punch’ Has Used Another Medium To Confuse Us – Animation

Tuesday, March 15 by

The team behind Sucker Punch has turned confusing audiences into an art.

Silver Spoons image Ricky Schroder

Oh Dear God No: CMT Starting An Original Movie Division

Tuesday, March 15 by

The word “original” is being used lightly here.


Polanski Pass

Tuesday, March 15 by

Quick, let’s get him to the U.S. so he can stand trial!


Hendricks Joins The Mile High Club

Tuesday, March 15 by

The gorgeous ‘Mad Men’ actress, in the most challenging role of her life, will have to act like she loves Brendan Fraser.


Anna Friel

Tuesday, March 15 by

British actress Anna Friel is best known for her role on the much-acclaimed television series “Pushing Daisies.”


Robin McLeavy To Be Abe Lincoln’s Mom Instead

Tuesday, March 15 by

“You can’t play the wife, but maybe you’d be interested in playing … the mom?”


Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout The Birds, The Bees, And The Sam Cooke Biopic

Tuesday, March 15 by

The script for the upcoming Sam Cooke biopic, has been completed. Now, who wants to direct it?


John Hawkes To Follow Up ‘Winter’s Bone’ With Something Depressing Instead

Tuesday, March 15 by

A movie that will be a surefire hit among people who like depressing stuff.