Craig Gillespie Back From The Dead To Direct ‘Pride And Prejudice And Zombies’?

Tuesday, April 5 by

Gillespie seems to have eaten his way back to the front of the horde to direct Jane Austin, but with zombies.


Stallone Arm Wrestles Director Wayne Kramer Out Of ‘Headshots’

Tuesday, April 5 by

Stallone “clashed creatively” with would-be director Wayne Kramer (‘Running Scared’), which I’m imagining means there was a story meeting where punches were thrown.

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‘Famous Nobodies’ To Tell The Saga Of 1980′s Club Kids

Tuesday, April 5 by

Hopefully, it’s a story about how a bunch of them died in a fire.


Links Away: Twin Men Have A Conversation

Tuesday, April 5 by

Patton Oswalt and Michael Chicklis recently set out to parody the “Twin Baby Boys Have a Conversation” video. The result is one of the creepier instances of men wearing diapers you’ll come across today.

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If You Want To See ‘Mad Men’ Stream, You’ll Have To Do It On Netflix

Tuesday, April 5 by

Netflix bought the streaming rights to “Mad Men” for as much as $100 million. That’s almost $1 for every cigarette smoked on that show.

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‘The Office’ Headhunters Add Spader, Romano, And Brit Catherine Tate To The Shortlist

Tuesday, April 5 by

It’s a battle royale for the most coveted comedy role in primetime.


9 Greatest Rich Pricks In Cinema History

Tuesday, April 5 by

Moviegoers have always been fascinated by wealthy characters, even if those characters happen to be total pricks.


Words Of Wisdom From Danny McBride And David Gordon Green

Tuesday, April 5 by

‘Your Highness’ star Danny McBride visited students at North Carolina State University with the director, David Gordon Green, and offered sage advice on horse riding and jousting.

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Tim Robbins Has His Eyes On The Koontz

Tuesday, April 5 by

First Stephen Sommers got to work with Brendan Fraser in The Mummy, now possibly Tim Robbins in Odd Thomas. Stars don’t get much brighter than those two!


Keanu Gives Up ’47 Ronin’ Details. Spoiler Alert: There’s Sword Fighting.

Tuesday, April 5 by

I’m looking forward to the scene where he cuts off a guy’s leg and then pretends to play it like a guitar.


‘Arrested Development’s’ Mae Whitman Somehow Stood Out During ‘Wallflower’ Audition

Tuesday, April 5 by

This casting is as Ann as the nose on plain’s face.


Catherine Zeta-Jones and Judy Greer To Flirt With Their Kids’ Soccer Coach

Tuesday, April 5 by

I would like to volunteer coach for the league that has CZT, Jessica Biel, and Uma Thurman as soccer moms.


Dr. King’s Estate Took Issue With Paul Greengrass’ Lying Mouth

Tuesday, April 5 by

Dr. King’s estate didn’t like the liberties that Paul Greengrass took with their MLK Jr. character.

Steve Carell In Talks To Play A Magician In Burt Wonderstone

Steve Carell’s ‘Burt Wonderstone’ Director Disappears

Tuesday, April 5 by

And just like that, he’s gone!


Kevin Smith Sells Off Props To Pay For ‘Red State’

Tuesday, April 5 by

The auction is not starting on April 20th, which is a missed opportunity.