Interview: ‘Sound of My Voice’ Star Brit Marling

Friday, April 22 by

When I saw Brit Marling’s movies in Sundance, I thought she was going to be the next big star. I’m still pulling for Molly Dunsworth, but Marling has a head start.


Mikaela Hoover

Friday, April 22 by

Mikaela Hoover looks to be on the rise.

the-iron-lady-movie-image-jim-broadbent-meryl-streep-01 thumb

See Another Strangely Terrifying Photo Of Meryl Streep As Margaret Thatcher

Friday, April 22 by

Who will stop Streep??


Don Draper Loves His Old Fashioneds

Friday, April 22 by

Looks like he had one too many last night.


RIP Screenwriter Kevin Jarre (NOT ‘Jaffe’, TMZ)

Friday, April 22 by

The screenwriter of ‘Glory’ and ‘Tombstone’ has died.


New TV Spot Reveals How ‘Green Lantern’ Might Be Awesome

Friday, April 22 by

Yeah, sure. It looks like ‘The Mask’, but at least it doesn’t look like ‘Son Of The Mask’.


Let’s Expect To See Ralph Fiennes In Mike Newell’s ‘Great Expectations’

Friday, April 22 by

If it doesn’t work out with him, just get Gary Oldman.


Mel Gibson Breaks His Silence Without Shouting

Friday, April 22 by

Mel talks about ‘The Beaver’, ‘The Hangover 2′, and why those tapes shouldn’t be held against him.


‘Prometheus’ Adds Two Dudes Named Emun Elliot And Benedict Wong

Thursday, April 21 by

There are also reports that xenomorphs are eating lunch their disgusting lunches on set. I’m bursting out of your chest… with ‘Prometheus’ news.


It’s A Wolfpack Of TV Spots For ‘Hangover 2′, Brohans

Thursday, April 21 by

You get not one, not two, not seventeen, but *four* new TV spots for ‘The Hangover Part II’.


Oliver Stone Turns ‘Savages’ Into ‘Pulp Fiction 2′ With Travolta, Thurman And Blake Lively

Thursday, April 21 by

Oliver Stone has added a few big names to his marijuana drama / ‘Pulp Fiction’ Convention ‘The Savages’.


Universal To Brainwash Jeremy Renner For ‘Bourne Legacy’

Thursday, April 21 by

Every other actor in Hollywood, thanks for coming.


Jessica Stroup To Play Some Lady Character In Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Ted’

Thursday, April 21 by

Seth MacFarlane is making a movie about a teddy bear who’s best friends with a dude. Now, who will play those less-important women characters…


Subtle Humorist Jim Carrey Guest Stars On ‘The Office’

Thursday, April 21 by

In the episode, Carrey interviews for the position Steve Carrell’s Michael Scott leaves. With experience like “pet detective,” “mask-based superhero” and “Christmas grinch,” he’ll get the job for sure.


Links Away: Little Thor Is Like Little Vader

Thursday, April 21 by

The folks responsible for marketing Thor decided to go the parody route.