AMC To Start Producing Oxymoronic High-Quality Reality TV

Friday, April 15 by

It would be kind of funny to see someone get voted out of the Department of Homeland Security.


‘The Paul Reiser Show’ Should Have Been Called ‘The No One Is Watching This Show’

Friday, April 15 by

Poor Paul Reiser.


Mickey Rourke Deeply Sorry For Suggesting ‘Passion Play’ Not A Masterpiece

Friday, April 15 by

Can America forgive Mickey Rourke?


Canada Is Trying To C-Block Netflix

Friday, April 15 by

If this happens, I’ll never forgive Kevin Spacey.


Shenae Grimes

Friday, April 15 by

Scream 4 actress Shenae Grimes hails from the frozen winterlands of the great northern expanse, an area some refer to as Canada.


WB To Bring ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ To The Small Screen?

Friday, April 15 by

In the future, everyone will be Batman for 15 minutes.


First Look At ‘Jack The Giant Killer’s’ Ewan McGregor, Eddie Marsan, Silly Wigs

Friday, April 15 by

It takes a pretty solid character actor to pull off wigs this silly.


The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Friday, April 15 by

Director: Morgan Spurlock Cast: Morgan Spurlock Synopsis: A documentary about branding, advertising and product placement that is financed and made possible by brands, advertising and product placement. Release Date: April…


Josh Lucas & Kate Bosworth Among Those Joining ‘Big Sur’

Friday, April 15 by

They’re ‘On The Road’ again.


Let’s Do This

Friday, April 15 by

Together they are unstoppable! ..until snack time.


First Clip Of Sean Penn Dressed In A Ridiculous Goth Costume

Friday, April 15 by

He probably still gets all the girls.


Lionsgate To Show The Dark Side Of The Hot Nurse Fantasy

Friday, April 15 by

Just when you thought it was safe to be seduced by a ridiculously hot nurse.


Vera Farmiga And Michael C. Hall Cozy Up To The Bar For ‘Love, Scotch, And Death’

Friday, April 15 by

They’re putting ‘Gamer’ and ‘The Orphan’ behind them.


Morgan Spurlock Ruins Small Town To Promote New Movie

Thursday, April 14 by

Not forever. He’s only ruining Altoona, PA for two months.


Penguins Have A Lot To Say To Jim Carrey In ‘Mr. Poppers’ Poster

Thursday, April 14 by

The penguin shouting at him recently Netflixed ‘Yes Man’ and wasn’t thrilled.