9 Ferocious Female Assassins

Thursday, April 7 by

As far as Hollywood is concerned, there’s nothing deadlier than a self-empowered female.

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Beastie Boys ‘Fight For Your Right’ Trailer Is Cameos And Little Else

Thursday, April 7 by

All of 2004′s hottest stars are out to shine in this cameo parade!


Snooki, JWoww, and Pauly D All Getting Their Own Spin-Offs Because F**k Hard Work

Thursday, April 7 by

WARNING: If you’ve lost your job or home within the last few years, this article will enrage.

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Hailee Steinfeld To Tackle Shakespeare Next. Not Literally, Of Course.

Thursday, April 7 by

This is the spot where I would put a fitting quote from ‘Romeo and Juliet’. I wish I was smarter.


Tom Hardy Vs. Joel Edgerton In ‘Warrior’. Place Your Bets.

Thursday, April 7 by

I can’t choose. They’re both so damn likable.


Review: Showtime’s ‘Gigolos’

Thursday, April 7 by

The show goes wrong in its attempt to look and feel like every other mediocre reality series out there.


FOX Orders More ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Inspiring Punny Headline

Thursday, April 7 by

“Hold the onions” -FOX.


Announcement Of Dusty Springfield Biopic Causes Widespread Frenzied Excitement

Thursday, April 7 by

You wanted a Dusty Springfield biopic, now you have a Dusty Springfield biopic.


Netflix Instant Distractions Of The Week

Thursday, April 7 by

Ready to be distracted? Instantly?


Amii Grove

Thursday, April 7 by

Amii Grove is the third in a trio of British glamour models cast as forest women in Your Highness.


Mythbusters’ Kari Lubes It Up

Thursday, April 7 by

It’s not just a myth that got busted.


‘Fright Night’ Images Will Chill Your Bones (*If You Scare Easily)

Thursday, April 7 by

Gaze into the face of terror. Also, McLovin.


Trailer For ‘Anonymous’ Has Inexplicable Violence

Thursday, April 7 by

All that time spent studying the works of Shakespeare, completely wasted.


Review: Arthur

Thursday, April 7 by

You won’t mind watching it because of Brand and Mirren, and Gerwig is sweet, but there’s nothing memorable or hilarious.


Check Out Teaser Trailer For ‘Love Guru 2′, err, I Mean ‘Johnny English Reborn’

Thursday, April 7 by

I liked the parts where people get hit in the face.