What Danny McBride Really Wants To Do Is Direct

Tuesday, March 29 by

As writer and star of “Eastbound and Down,” Danny McBride already has the coolest job. Now he’s looking for another.


Johnny Depp’s Second Hunter S. Thompson Movie Has A Release Date

Tuesday, March 29 by

Put the tab on your tongue and relax, man.


Duncan Jones, Michelle Monaghan, And Vera Farmiga Talk ‘Source Code’

Tuesday, March 29 by

The film’s director and stars break down the complex format.


Holliday Grainger

Tuesday, March 29 by

Holliday Grainger has a thing for period pieces. That might be a bit of an assumption, but considering her last two major gigs have involved costumes from another century, it can’t be too far-fetched an observation.


David Arquette Will Direct A Movie Called ‘Glutton’!

Tuesday, March 29 by

Start planning your viewing parties and stop doing your raindances, D.A’s back behind the camera!


Of Course They’re Going To Make A ‘Batman’ Reboot

Tuesday, March 29 by

Will this generation be able to understand the next generation’s ‘Batman’?


Review: AMC’s The Killing

Tuesday, March 29 by

Has a whole mess of potential which, if adapted correctly, could make it something unique and worth coming back to.


Way To Reveal Your Identity, Jess

Tuesday, March 29 by

The Joker’s on the first flight to Australia.


‘Driving Miss Daisy’ Guy Is Getting Dark

Tuesday, March 29 by

The man who brought you the action packed movie about Jessica Tandy in the back of a car is going to direct a dark thriller. Makes sense.


R.I.P. Farley Granger

Tuesday, March 29 by

The star of ‘Rope’ and ‘Strangers on a Train’ will be missed.

Russell Crowe reacts to Lana Del Ray"s SNL performance.

Adam McKay Wants To Work With Russell Crowe On Purpose

Tuesday, March 29 by

He wants Crowe to play the lead in his hyper-violent superhero movie, ‘The Boys’. Sounds like a stretch.

mad men

AMC Officially OKs Fifth Season Of ‘Mad Men’

Tuesday, March 29 by

Stop freaking out, hipsters.


Teresa Palmer In Talks To Date Nicholas Hoult

Tuesday, March 29 by

She’s also in talks to act opposite him in ‘Warm Bodies’.

Weiner explains his favorite thing about working with Christina Hendricks.

UPDATED: AMC Wants To See Less Of Their Hit Show ‘Mad Men’

Tuesday, March 29 by

And creator Matthew Weiner’s all like, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”


Get Your Hopes Up For ‘Justice League’ In 2013

Monday, March 28 by

Guys, a Justice League movie is definitely happening. Or rather, the opposite of that?