Take Donald Glover Seriously As A Rapper

Friday, February 25 by

Community star Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, raps in an empty warehouse in this non-comedy music video.


‘Coraline’ Director Thinks Stop-Motion Can Be Scary

Friday, February 25 by

Henry Selick is working on another horror-tinged stop-motion animation film that will try to terrify children into post-traumatic stress.


Jimmi Simpson Creepily Cast In ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’

Friday, February 25 by

One of the weird McPoyle brothers from ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ is about to play a yet to be determined/released role in ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’.


Charlotte Ross

Friday, February 25 by

It’s hard to say exactly what role Charlotte Ross will play in Drive Angry 3D, but we do know she’ll tangle with Nic Cage in a cheap motel room at one point or another.


Joel McHale To Bring Sarcastic Tallness To ‘Ted’

Friday, February 25 by

Seth MacFarlane’s upcoming comedy Ted appears to be adding ringers to its cast by the day.


Review: Drive Angry 3D

Friday, February 25 by

It’s like a whole movie of the bear suit scene from Wicker Man.

James Franco (1)

James Franco To Try And Be A Wizard Because His Afternoon Brain Surgery Canceled

Friday, February 25 by

James Franco is going to try acting in a movie for a change.


Johnny Depp Wants To Bring His Favorite Books To The Screen

Friday, February 25 by

Looks like Johnny Depp would like to move away from playing roles that require silly hats.


Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

Friday, February 25 by

Great, now it’s stuck in my head.


There Really Was A Battle Of Los Angeles

Friday, February 25 by

The new movie Battle: Los Angeles is a big sci-fi movie about an alien invasion on the west coast. However, Columbia Pictures would like audiences to know that there actually was a Battle of Los Angeles.


Charlie Sheen Could Cost The World Another ‘Major League’ Sequel

Friday, February 25 by

I think we can go ahead and mark down the CEO of Morgan Creek on Charlie Sheen’s “Pussy List.”

idris elba

‘Prometheus’ Adds Three More Bodies To The Menu

Friday, February 25 by

Actors are apparently lined up around the block to get chewed up by the aliens in Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’.


Review: Hall Pass

Friday, February 25 by

It’s not golden era Farrellys like Kingpin but it’s good.


NASCAR ‘Transformer’ Might Be A Redneck

Friday, February 25 by

Michael Bay promised that Transformers 3 won’t feature any of the hokeyness of its predecessor. J/K, you guys!


‘Rango’ Somehow Manages To Be Controversial

Thursday, February 24 by

A cartoon western about talking animals has pissed off a major group. No, it’s not the National Bunched Panties Association.