Mickey Rourke Hilariously “Promotes” ‘Passion Play’

Wednesday, April 13 by

Don’t mince words, Mickey, tell us what you really think.


‘X-Men: First Class’ Producers Discuss Decade-Hopping Sequels

Wednesday, April 13 by

This story relates to time-travel. Do not read if you are in China.

superman-supacomic-court thumb

Legal Battle Over Superman Very Confusing

Wednesday, April 13 by

This can only be the work of Lex Luthor. Or whoever it is running Warner Bros.

jessica lange

Jessica Lange Finally On TV

Wednesday, April 13 by

Update your Jessica Lange fan club newsletters accordingly.


Bruce Campbell Loves ‘The Evil Dead’ Remake Script, Milk

Wednesday, April 13 by

The good news is, it doesn’t sound terrible. The bad news is, ‘Burn Notice’ comes first.


Kevin Durand To Run Around With A Walkie-Talkie In ‘Cosmopolis’

Wednesday, April 13 by

Kevin Durand will have to protect Robert Pattinson from all the crazy sh*t that Cronenberg is going to throw at him.


Review: Scream 4

Wednesday, April 13 by

It’s got all the hallmarks of the series we love to see again and we get to catch up with all the characters, but it feels forced and uninspired.


Look, Listen, And Feel: ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Season 8 Teaser

Wednesday, April 13 by

Larry goes to New York, where you’d imagine he’d blend in perfectly.


Nerdiest News Ever: ‘X2′ Scribe To Adapt ‘Dragonriders Of Pern’

Tuesday, April 12 by

David Hayter wrote ‘Watchmen’ and ‘X2′, but he’s now turning his attention to adapting books with fewer pictures that also inspire sad people to dress-up in convention halls.


‘Dark Tower’ Grows Bigger, Consuming Writer Mark Verheiden

Tuesday, April 12 by

Mark Verheiden has penned everything from “Battlestar Galactica” to Superman comics. He’ll be teaming with Akiva Goldsman on the NBC series that’s just one part of a big, giant thing.


Paul Haggis And Michael Mann Attempt To Take Gold Prospectors Seriously

Tuesday, April 12 by

Michael Mann and Paul Haggis have gone crazy with gold fever, because they’re packaging a movie called ‘Gold’ as a possible directing vehicle for Mann.


‘American Idiot’ To Become Yet Another Thing: A Movie?

Tuesday, April 12 by

Green Day may drop dookies into theaters nationwide.


‘Green Lantern’ Hits New Low (Voice) With Michael Clarke Duncan?

Tuesday, April 12 by

Michael Clarke Duncan took the green mile all the way to Green Lantern planet in his green machine. I assume he has a green machine.


Ghostface Highly Recommends Nico Tortorella For ‘Odd Thomas’

Tuesday, April 12 by

Tortorella (‘Scream 4′) is up for the lead villain: a shady, Satan-worshipping cop. Side note: has there been a satanic police procedural yet?


Links Away: Watch The First Episode Of ‘Mortal Kombat: Legacy’

Tuesday, April 12 by

It’s finally here. Months and months after a proposed Mortal Kombat series pilot hit the interweb, the new web series has officially premiered.