Ron Weasley Bong Hit

Ron Weasley Hitting a Bong?

Thursday, April 21 by

Rupert Grint (a.k.a. Ron Weasley): putting the “Pot” in Harry Potter?

tree of life dino

Get A Good Look At A Dinosaur From ‘Tree Of Life’

Thursday, April 21 by



Zach Braff Is Out Of Movie Jail

Thursday, April 21 by

He did his time and is fully rehabilitated.


Jeri Ryan

Thursday, April 21 by

“Star Trek: Voyager” alum Jeri Ryan is once again at the center of fanboy attention.


Watch The Beastie Boys’ ‘Fight For Your Right: Revisited’ Before I Do

Thursday, April 21 by

(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Watch ‘Fight for Your Right: Revisited’!)


Roll With New ‘Attack The Block’ Trailer Featuring Basement Jaxx

Thursday, April 21 by

It looks, feels, and tastes so good.


Pick All The Bugs You Can Out Of The Trailer For ‘Chimpanzee’

Thursday, April 21 by

This chimp’s gonna be a star!


SYKE! UPDATE: Lindsay Lohan Didn’t Want To Be A Gotti Anyway

Thursday, April 21 by

Your loss, ‘Gotti: Three Generations’! Your loss!


David Benioff Talks ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 2 And Beyond

Thursday, April 21 by

He already has ideas for season five.


Johnny Depp Hires ‘Tron Legacy’ Writers To Get Medieval On Your Ass

Thursday, April 21 by

The pair trade in light discs for black magic in ‘Rex Mundi’.


Robert Zemeckis To Mercifully Direct Live-Action Again With ‘Flight’?

Wednesday, April 20 by

Paramount offered him a film to direct where the actors wouldn’t wear ping-pong-ball-suits. I know – pure craziness.


Kate Beckinsale Offered Two-Breasted Role In ‘Total Recall’

Wednesday, April 20 by

Beckinsale has been surprisingly chosen by remake director Len Wiseman, her husband, to play Lori – the “wife” of our very confused hero Douglas Quaid.


Say Hello To Green Lantern’s Little Friend In Newly Released Stills

Wednesday, April 20 by

Hal Jordan is imagi-ring-ing a machine gun slash acceptable nightlight.


‘Spy Kids 4′ Releases Boner-Killing Jessica Alba Still

Wednesday, April 20 by

You asked for more ‘Spy Kids’ movies, and you’re getting more ‘Spy Kids’ movies. Wait, you say you didn’t ask for more ‘Spy Kids’ movies? Well, it’s too late now.


Bryan Cranston Stars In Another, Non-Nolan ‘Batman’ Movie

Wednesday, April 20 by

The upcoming, animated ‘Batman: Year One’ has a cast. Here’s who will get paid a bundle for a few hours in a voice record booth…