Ron Howard

Ron Howard Scoops Up ‘Amnesty’, A Strange Marriage Of Two Concepts

Thursday, April 28 by

This is the most recent picture of Ron Howard we could find.

Jon Cryer

‘Two and a Half Men’ Future So Bright, Cryer’s Gotta Wear Shades

Thursday, April 28 by

Winning, Tiger Blood, F-16′s, etc.


See Some New ‘Twilight’ Pics Before It’s Too Late

Thursday, April 28 by

They may not show up in mirrors, but they do show up in photographs.


Would ‘Apollo 18′ Just Pick A Damn Release Date Already?

Thursday, April 28 by

That goes for you too, ‘Final Destination 5′.


Two Potheads WILL Pass Blake Lively Around In ‘The Savages’

Thursday, April 28 by

Until the Mexican cartel bogards her.


Aimee Teegarden

Thursday, April 28 by

Fresh off the Scream 4 boat, Aimee Teegarden is getting ready for Prom.


Review: Hesher

Thursday, April 28 by

Puts bold concepts up on the screen and asks audiences to deal with them.

Good People

Will Anyone Go See A Movie About ‘Good People’?

Thursday, April 28 by

It’s set in Boston, too.

It's The First Day of School

RL Stine’s ‘It’s The First Day Of School … Forever’ To Be A Movie … For About 90 Minutes

Thursday, April 28 by

This article is sure to give you … indigestion.

Brett Ratner

Brett Ratner Determined To Get On A ‘Hercules’ Set

Thursday, April 28 by

Will there be a role for Chris Tucker? (no)


Master Thespian Larry David To Join ‘Three Stooges’?

Thursday, April 28 by

A role is his for the taking.

She’s A Host For The Hat

Thursday, April 28 by

For God’s sake, someone get that silly hat alien off of Princess Beatrice!


It’s Hard To Score When You’re A ‘Teen Wolf’

Thursday, April 28 by

Even if your abs could stop a silver bullet.


NBC In Talks To Adapt Very Relevant Film ‘The Firm’

Thursday, April 28 by

It’s like “Law & Order” with more running.

Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis Will Host What’s Left Of The ‘MTV Movie Awards’

Wednesday, April 27 by

Did something good actually come out of ‘Hall Pass’?