Surprise Winners Take Home Peabody Award Gold

Thursday, March 31 by

I got my ass kicked in this year’s Peabody Awards pool.


Joanne Whalley

Thursday, March 31 by

English actress Joanne Whalley isn’t new to Hollywood.


Conan Talks About How He Can’t Stop

Thursday, March 31 by

The director of his documentary also talks about the no stopping.


‘Men In Black’ Writer Might Be An Alien

Thursday, March 31 by

Or he might just be a friend of Will Smith’s.


Betty White Just Got Her Own NBC Prank Show (Or We’re All Being Punk’d)

Thursday, March 31 by

Be extra nice to all old people you see in public, because you might be on an NBC prank show.


It’s Strong With Them

Thursday, March 31 by

But which Jedi will claim the Louisville Slugger as his own?

superman 1 and 2

Snyder’s Superman To Be Separate From ‘Justice League’s’ Because That’s Not Confusing At All

Thursday, March 31 by

Crisis on Infinite ‘Superman’ Movies


The Weinsteins To Make Broadway Awesome By Adding Karate

Thursday, March 31 by

‘Finding Neverland’, ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, and more headed to the Broadway stage.


Danny McBride Does NOT Smoke Weed While Screenwriting

Thursday, March 31 by

McBride wants to make it very clear though that he’s not high while he’s writing a script.


Charlie Sheen To Open A Pet Shop With Greg Proops

Thursday, March 31 by

He’s guest starring on “Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza,” where he’ll also probably call Colin Mochrie a pussy.


Thor Gets His Asgard Tasered In New Clip

Wednesday, March 30 by

Thor has fought monsters, mutants and supervillains. In this clip, we see what kind of incredible firepower it takes to bring down the Thunder God… namely, a taser.


Shocker: New ‘Transformers 3′ Images Feature Explosions

Wednesday, March 30 by

If you think Michael Bay movies are just mind-numbing explosion-fests, you’re totally right. At least, that’s what these screenshots seem to confirm.


FX Renews ‘Archer’ For Third Season After Threats From ISIS

Wednesday, March 30 by

Suit up, grab your weapons and check yourself for breast cancer. “Archer” officially got picked up for a third season.


HBO Cancels ‘In Treatment’, Giving The Show’s Fans Something To Talk About In Therapy

Wednesday, March 30 by

The doctor is no longer “in.”


Geoffrey Rush To Play Fish Chicken Man In ‘Green Lantern’

Wednesday, March 30 by

Geoffrey Rush will voice Tomar-Re in Warner Bros. upcoming ‘Green Lantern’ film. Will Tomar take Admiral Ackbar’s throne as the hot new alien fish man for nerds?