Mike Tyson’s Tattoo Artist Wants To Block Release of ‘Hangover 2′

Friday, April 29 by

He thinks Ed Helms’ face tattoo looks a little familiar.

Damn monkeys!

See A Featurette On ‘Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes’ And Try To Avoid Your Fate

Friday, April 29 by

It’s a madhouse!


‘¡Three Amigos!’ Ride Again!

Friday, April 29 by

But not for any kind of film project. At least not until Judd Apatow decides he wants to reboot.


Channing Tatum To Take It All Off For Soderbergh In ‘Magic Mike’

Friday, April 29 by

Strip! Strip! Strip!


Gal Gadot

Friday, April 29 by

Model-turned-actress Gal Gadot is appearing in her second Fast/Furious film.

Piss On The Dark Side

Friday, April 29 by

Show Lord Vader how you really feel.


Exciting Pics Of ‘Men In Black’ Making Dinner Plans

Friday, April 29 by

Try the milkshake.

Make Believe

‘Make Believe’ Trailer Demands To Be Taken Seriously

Friday, April 29 by

Watch as they make potential romantic partners … disappear!


The Rock To Trade Suplexes For Serenades In Charley Pride Biopic

Friday, April 29 by

Can you smell what Charlie Pride is cooking? It’s racial harmony.


Netflix Instant Distractions Of The Week

Friday, April 29 by

Here are your weekly Netflix Instant recommendations


Arnold Schwarzenegger Deems ‘Cry Macho’ His Next Film

Friday, April 29 by

But will he battle oppressive horse overlords?


Steve Carell Says Farewell To The Fans

Friday, April 29 by

He’s gone. He’s really gone.

Jane Levy Is Staring At You

Some Girl Named Jane Levy To Join Josh Schwartz’s ‘Fun Size’?

Thursday, April 28 by

I don’t know who all these young, whipper-snapping, hair-whipping, Twitter actors are coming from.

Martin Luther King Jr.

In The Spirit Of Brotherhood, WB and DreamWorks Unite Their Rival MLK Biopics

Thursday, April 28 by

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. That dream had nothing to do with there being a biopic about his life, let alone two competing biopics.

The Disembodied Face of Charles Ferguson

Charles Ferguson To Direct One Of Many Julian Assange Movies

Thursday, April 28 by

This story about Oscar-winning director Ferguson (‘Inside Job’) just got leaked. Not WikiLeaked, regular leaked.