The Future of Zorro

Zorro Lives In The Future Now For Some Reason

Tuesday, April 26 by

The reboot machine worked overtime to put an established property in a dystopian setting. The punch card it produced reads: ” ‘Zorro Reborn’ .”


Watch Some ’300′, I Mean, ‘Immortals’ Footage

Tuesday, April 26 by

Sorry ‘Chronicles Of Riddick’. The crown for silliest helmets no longer rests with you.


See How The Trailer For ‘What’s Your Number’ Ranks

Tuesday, April 26 by

Anna Faris has slept with a lot of comedic actors.


Cheryl Cole

Tuesday, April 26 by

Cheryl Cole is returning to judge “The X Factor” once again.

Kobe Back From Fixing His Past

Tuesday, April 26 by

Hope he got a signed statement from that woman this time.


9 Greatest Masked Avengers

Tuesday, April 26 by

Masks and avengers go together like the New York Knicks and sadness.


‘American Reunion’ To Make Your Next Spring Break More Mediocre

Monday, April 25 by

Here’s the ‘American Reunion’ release date, so you know when to avoid the latest ‘American Pie’ movie.


Olivia Munn And Marisa Tomei To Get Their Sorkin On For HBO?

Monday, April 25 by

Aaron Sorkin is looking for ladies. News ladies, the sexiest kind.


‘Piranha 3DD’ Cast Announced: These Men Need To Guard Their Penises

Monday, April 25 by

Dimension Films has announced the stars of ‘Piranha 3DD’, but which ones will do the awesome underwater lesbian dance?


‘Devil’s Double’ Trailer Contains Twice The Kickassitude

Monday, April 25 by

Is this the real trailer for Dominic Cooper’s ‘The Devil’s Double’, or was this trailer hired by a twin trailer to pose as it in public?


Ladies (Casting) Night: ‘World War Z’ And ‘Five Year Engagement’

Monday, April 25 by

If you like Mireille Enos or Mindy Kaling, you’d better put a casting ring on it.


Russell Crowe Will Punch Whoever To Direct 70s Cop Drama

Monday, April 25 by

Crowe is considering an offer to direct and star in ’77′, which would be his directorial debut. Unless you got something to say about it?


Links Away: The Greatest Scream In Movie History

Monday, April 25 by

Interestingly enough, it’s also the most annoying scream in movie history.

Screen shot 2011-04-25 at 5.06.45 PM

‘Stooges’ Finds Greek Frontrunner For Moe

Monday, April 25 by

Sadly, casting Chris Diamantopoulos as Moe still makes more sense than the Sean Hayes thing.

Screen shot 2011-04-25 at 3.49.39 PM

Weinsteins, In Twist Of Irony, Pick Up Documentary About Bullies

Monday, April 25 by

“Why ya hittin’ yourself, Michael Moore? Stop hittin’ yourself, fatty!”