DreamWorks And Shawn Levy Hard At Work On The Demise Of Film

Tuesday, March 29 by

But what will they shoot it on is the question.


Things That Will Happen Before ‘Mad Men’ Returns For Season 5

Tuesday, March 29 by

“Mad Men’s” fifth season has been pushed back all the way to early 2012. Here are some things that will probably go down before the show returns.

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Bill Murray To Play FDR Because They’re Both So Similar

Tuesday, March 29 by

Murray can’t play “presidential?” Those were the same people that said he couldn’t play a stoned, half-retarded greenskeeper.

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Disney Bails On ‘Oblivion’, Lets Joseph Kosinski Shop It Around

Tuesday, March 29 by

Disney told Kosinski that it wasn’t him, it was them, and that he should see other people.


Henry’s Crime

Tuesday, March 29 by

Director: Malcom Venille Cast: Keanu Reeves, Judy Greer, Vera Farmiga, James Caan Synopsis: An aimless man is sent to prison for a crime he did not commit. Release Date: 2010

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Treat Williams (And Phillipe, Gugino, Spader) In For ‘In Virtue Fall’

Tuesday, March 29 by

Treat Williams will control Hollywood by the time you finish reading this sentence.


Of Course There’s Another ‘Sleeping Beauty’ In The Works

Tuesday, March 29 by

We’re now at three and counting.


9 Lamest Virtual Reality Films

Tuesday, March 29 by

In honor of the abundance of horrible films involving virtual reality, I give you Virtual Turds – the nine lamest virtual reality films.

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‘World War Z’ Rises From The Dead Like Some Sort Of…Thing

Tuesday, March 29 by

Don’t get too excited yet, but signs point to ‘World War Z’ being back on track with a June start date.

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Weinsteins Slowly, Quietly Lower Dynamite Into ‘Fraggle Rock’

Tuesday, March 29 by

Are you really surprised that the Weinsteins are suspicious of these smiling faces?

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Dreamworks Now Giving Movies To Penguins, Honest-To-Goodness-Penguins!

Tuesday, March 29 by

DreamWorks has “penguin fever!” No. Don’t call the CDC. It’s just a saying.


Timothy Olyphant Has To Buy More Cowboy Hats

Tuesday, March 29 by

‘Justified’ is getting a third season.


What Danny McBride Really Wants To Do Is Direct

Tuesday, March 29 by

As writer and star of “Eastbound and Down,” Danny McBride already has the coolest job. Now he’s looking for another.


Johnny Depp’s Second Hunter S. Thompson Movie Has A Release Date

Tuesday, March 29 by

Put the tab on your tongue and relax, man.


Duncan Jones, Michelle Monaghan, And Vera Farmiga Talk ‘Source Code’

Tuesday, March 29 by

The film’s director and stars break down the complex format.