Lisa Cholodenko and Alexander

Lisa Cholodenko To Direct ‘Alexander And The No Good, Very Long Title’?

Tuesday, May 3 by

Fox and producer Shawn Levy are looking to make a no good, very bad adaptation.

Dakota Johnson

All Movies Feature Dakota Johnson Now

Tuesday, May 3 by

The girl who didn’t know she slept with the Napster guy in ‘Social Network’ nabbed parts in ‘Goats’, ‘Five Year Engagement’ and ’21 Jump Street’.

'We Bought A Zoo', Starring This Lion

Cameron Crowe Tweets ‘We Bought A Zoo’ Pics #SadFamiliesAndLions

Tuesday, May 3 by

Director Crowe tweeted these set photos from his new movie, ‘We Bought A Zoo’. How come Matt Damon can buy a zoo and I can’t?

The Situation

MTV Finds New Reason To Give ‘The Situation’ Money: A Development Deal

Tuesday, May 3 by

MTV executives have a plan called Jerseynomics. Basically, it involves throwing tons of money at the cast of their hit reality snoozefest “Jersey Shore,” and then… good… happens.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Retreats From ‘GI Joe 2′

Tuesday, May 3 by

The real Cobra Commander wouldn’t run away from a fight with the Joes, unless he was about to lose.


Links Away: Who Is Mark Vincent?

Tuesday, May 3 by

A young Vin Diesel shows off his moves on the dance floor.


Things Are Looking Quite Jiggy On The ‘MIB III’ Set

Tuesday, May 3 by

I wish we had a contest for readers to synthesize the plot from these set pictures.

Rachel Weisz and Her Snake Friend

Rachel Weisz Casts Hotness Spell To Join Sam Raimi’s ‘Oz’?

Tuesday, May 3 by

Weisz is in talks to play a witchy woman in Disney’s ‘Oz, the Great and the Powerful’.


Carell Will Be Joined By Petersen, Brody, And Corddry For ‘The End Of The World’

Tuesday, May 3 by

Could this movie possibly be as depressing as it sounds?


Scott Mann Will Try To Improve Upon ‘Seven Samurai’

Tuesday, May 3 by

Film geeks everywhere are seething over their Criterion Collections.



Tuesday, May 3 by

Director: Paul Feig Cast: Kristen Wiig, Rose Byrne, Maya Rudolph, Ellie Kemper, Melissa McCarthy, Wendi McLendon-Covey Synopsis: A comedy centered on two women battling to plan their friend’s wedding party….

Rawson Thurber

Rawson Thurber Says ‘Me Too!’, Gets His Own Weed Comedy To Direct

Tuesday, May 3 by

Rawson Thurber knows that to direct a film about stoners, you have to be stoned yourself. Like in this photo. Probably.



Tuesday, May 3 by

Director: Scott Charles Stewart Cast:


Hugh Jackman Might Join BFF Shawn Levy’s ‘Fantastic Voyage’

Tuesday, May 3 by

Shawn Levy wants to keep the ‘Real Steel’ magic alive.


A Cheaper Version Of ‘Insidious’ Is Coming For Your Wallet

Tuesday, May 3 by

The days of the $30 million horror films could be over…