Review: The United States Of Tara Season 3 Premiere

Monday, March 28 by

Gets off to a cool start as it addresses last year’s revelation that Tara had a brother.


Antoine Fuqua To Hit The Mean Streets Of The Tang Dynasty

Monday, March 28 by

Will Tupac be on the soundtrack?


Ryan Murphy Will Not Direct Willow Smith’s ‘Annie’ Remake, Enjoys Silly Hats

Monday, March 28 by

The ball is yours to drop, Adam Shankman.


Randy Quaid And Wife Are The New Werner Herzog

Monday, March 28 by

The Quaids are screening a film about their escape from the Star Whackers. Our sincerest apologies to Canada.


Weekend Box Office Report: Poor Zack Snyder

Monday, March 28 by

He still gets to do ‘Superman’, for some reason.


What Piece Of Crazy Will Quentin Tarantino Film Next?

Monday, March 28 by

We now go to our entrenched Hollywood correspondent, Uma Thurman. Uma?


Soul Surfer

Sunday, March 27 by

Director: Sean McNamara Cast: Annasophia Robb, Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt, Carrie Underwood Synopsis: A teenage surfer girl summons the courage to go back into the ocean after losing an arm…


Official Bidness: Amy Adams Cast As Lois Lane

Sunday, March 27 by

Is Amy Adams too adorable to play Lois Lane?


New ‘Thor’ Character Posters Are Like Mugshots Of The Gods

Sunday, March 27 by

Maybe profile shots are coming out soon.

armie hammer

Just One Of Armie Hammer Cast In ‘The Brothers Grimm: Snow White’

Saturday, March 26 by

Maybe his twin can play the prince in one of the other ‘Snow White’ movies.


Review: Nurse Jackie Season 3 Premiere

Saturday, March 26 by

“Nurse Jackie” returns picking up right where it left off with Jackie in the bathroom after her husband Kevin staged an intervention.


Zack Snyder Talks ‘Sucker Punch’ And ‘Superman’

Saturday, March 26 by

He breaks down those crazy action sequences.

50 Cent

Robert De Niro To Get Acting Tips From 50 Cent

Saturday, March 26 by

Hopefully this means De Niro will finally learn a thing or two about acting.


Tom Hanks Guest Stars On ’30 Rock’ As… Someone Nice?

Friday, March 25 by

Hanks will make his glorious return to sitcomdom on an upcoming episode of “30 Rock.” I’m starting to get “Bosom Buddies” flashbacks.


Natalie Portman: Black Swan, White Swan or No-Dancing Liar Swan?

Friday, March 25 by

You know who’s super angry these days? Academy Award winner Natalie Portman’s dancing double for ‘Black Swan’. She’s one pissed off pirouetter.