Starring Razor Ramon

See A Clip From ‘Drive’ Before Speeding Away Dramatically

Thursday, May 5 by

Hit the gas!

The Man Who Went Up A Jiggle Hill

Hugh Grant’s Voice Stolen By ‘Pirates’

Thursday, May 5 by

His adorable stammer will fetch many a dubloon.

Laser Hula Hoop ACTIVATE!

Meet 3 ‘X-Men: First Class’ Mutants, But Don’t Touch

Thursday, May 5 by

So many mutants to keep track of.

Jake Kasdan works the camera

Director Jake Kasdan Might Be Working On Innovative ‘Family Getaway’

Thursday, May 5 by

It’s action! It’s comedy! It’s an ‘action-comedy’!


You Can Buy The ‘Home Alone’ House

Thursday, May 5 by

Daniel Stern is buried in the basement.


‘Tomb Raider’ Reboot Hires Really Good Writers For Some Reason

Thursday, May 5 by

The writers of ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ have been hired to come up with sexy, tomb-based scenarios.

Jay Baruchel

That Nerd Jay Baruchel Spends All Day Reading And Adapting Books

Wednesday, May 4 by

Jay Baruchel is looking to get his Final Draft on by adapting the comic ‘Random Acts of Violence’ and rewriting ‘Exorcism Diaries’.

Mark Burnett

Fox Chooses Mark Burnett To Produce ‘The Emmys’ AKA ‘The Who Caresies’

Wednesday, May 4 by

Will you be able to get through an “Emmys” broadcast without falling asleep? Are you… a “survivor?”

Jackie Cooper, R.I.P.

R.I.P. Jackie Cooper

Wednesday, May 4 by

Cooper played Perry White in the awesome 70s/80s ‘Superman’ movies, and started out as a successful child actor.

Spider-Man Swinging In NYC

New Set Photos Reveal Spider-Man’s Powers Are Wire-Based

Wednesday, May 4 by

With elegant moves like these, who needs the Black Swan or the frigid White Swan?

"I have $32 in Schwarzeneggers"

Schwarzenegger Gets $12.5 Million To ‘Cry Macho’ On Camera

Wednesday, May 4 by

I don’t make nearly that much for crying, macho or otherwise.

Hey, It’s That Guy: Colm Feore

Hey, It’s That Guy: Colm Feore Edition

Wednesday, May 4 by

In honor of his upcoming role as King Laufey in Thor, we’ve put together a new edition of “Hey, It’s That Guy,” celebrating Feore’s career.

'Catfish' Directors Joost and Schulman

‘Paranormal Activity 3′ Goes For Even Cheaper By Hiring Documentary Directors

Wednesday, May 4 by

Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman (‘Catfish’) have been hired to direct ‘Paranormal Activity 3′, not the making-of documentary.


Game Over, Man!

Wednesday, May 4 by

Bill Paxton’s greatest lines mash-up.

Bradley "Beelzebub" Cooper

Bradley Cooper, Lord Of Darkness, In Talks To Play Lucifer

Wednesday, May 4 by

Does Bradley Cooper have some enigmatic, macabre quality that I’m just missing?