Ricky Gervais and Someone's Dog

Committed To Making Quality Movies, Ricky Gervais Joins ‘Spy Kids 4′

Friday, May 6 by

If anyone asks, “were you the robot dog in ‘Spy Kids 4′,” Gervais will just tell them “that was Steve Coogan.” It won’t work, but he can try.

'Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark'

‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark’ Or This Poster

Friday, May 6 by

Check out the spookeriffic poster for producer Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’. Just remember: posters can’t harm you.

30 Rock

Gif Recap: ’30 Rock’ – Respawn

Friday, May 6 by

Liz needs a break, Jack needs a wife, and Jenna needs wool.


Links Away Photobomb Friday: ‘The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly’

Friday, May 6 by

Here are your weekend links.

Scott Baio

Nick At Nite Willing To Give Scott Baio A Sitcom

Friday, May 6 by

‘Daddy’s Home’ is a multi-camera sitcom created by and starring Baio, about an actor who used to play a TV dad. But there’s a startling twist…


Brendan Fraser To Shoot An Apple, Create Switzerland In ‘William Tell’

Friday, May 6 by

Brendan Fraser will play an archer. Not a cartoon archer, or an archer that has a strange monkey sidekick. Just an archer.

Will Smith

Will Smith Rolls Into The Wild Wild Tarantino Western?

Friday, May 6 by

After ‘Wild Wild West’, I thought the Western genre put a restraining order on Will Smith. If it did, nobody told Quentin Tarantino.


Start Camping Out Now, ‘Waiting To Exhale 2′ Is On Its Way!

Friday, May 6 by

They’re all going to visit Whitney Houston’s character in rehab.


Damon Thinks He Might Want To Act In, Direct ‘Father Daughter Time’

Friday, May 6 by

Ben Affleck is going to venture out into set design to see if Matt copies him with that too.

Dark Knight Photo 2

See The 1st Set Photos From ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ If You Can Handle it

Friday, May 6 by

Gaze into the puddle

Laura Linney disapproves

Laura Linney To Share Screen With Bill Murray’s FDR?

Friday, May 6 by

The only thing we have to fear is a boring movie.


Keanu Reeves In Talks To Lead An Asian Gang In ‘Akira’

Friday, May 6 by

He’s already got a leg up on the other candidates. He knows kung-fu.


WB Working On A Couple Of ‘Tarzan’ Scripts

Friday, May 6 by


Bitch Posse

Catherine Hardwicke To Get Gritty Again With ‘The Bitch Posse’

Friday, May 6 by

She will tell the story of the teenage girls that would have kicked Kirsten Stewart’s ass.


Emilia Clarke

Friday, May 6 by

“Game of Thrones” actress Emilia Clarke is a welcome addition to American television.