‘Think Like A Man’ Unsurprisingly Gets A Male Director In Tim Story

Tuesday, April 26 by

What separates this from similar movies like ‘Hitch’ is…nothing. Well, a merciful lack of Kevin James.


WB Coughs Up $9 Million More To Get ‘Green Lantern’ Done On Time

Tuesday, April 26 by

Thank God his weakness isn’t the color green.


Steve Austin And Danny Trejo Tag-Teaming ‘Recoil’

Tuesday, April 26 by

Will Cannes be able to handle the ‘Recoil’?


Put Your Eyes On The First Photo From ‘The Avengers’ Set

Tuesday, April 26 by

Marvel is pampering their superheroes.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Watch The New TV Spot For ‘Pirates 4′ Or “Die Trying”

Tuesday, April 26 by

Pirate battles, killer mermaids, fireballs coming right at you. Fast cuts between those elements. Shiver all your timbers, it’s another ‘On Stranger Tides’ preview.


Paul Walker To Give ‘Vehicle 19′ Its RDA Of Handsome

Tuesday, April 26 by

Paul Walker is terrified to act in movies that don’t feature cars.


‘The Killing’ Star Joel Kinnaman Is Running The ‘Safe House’

Tuesday, April 26 by

He’d better not try to harm a hair on Denzel’s head.

'Call of the Dead' Boss George Romero

Zombie ‘Call Of Duty’ Gives “Brains” To George Romero

Tuesday, April 26 by

There are a lot of zombie video games out there, but few with Danny Trejo, Sarah Michelle Gellar and a killable George Romero. Check out the trailer.


Schwarzenegger, Director Justin Lin Attached To New Terminator Project

Tuesday, April 26 by

When he said “I’ll be back,” he meant “like seven or eight more times.”

Screen shot 2011-04-26 at 5.08

Jon Hamm’s Soup Is Done In ‘Bridesmaids’ Red-Band Trailer

Tuesday, April 26 by

In case you didn’t think these bridesmaids were rough-and-tumble…they are. This trailer has the ribald language to prove it.

The Future of Zorro

Zorro Lives In The Future Now For Some Reason

Tuesday, April 26 by

The reboot machine worked overtime to put an established property in a dystopian setting. The punch card it produced reads: ” ‘Zorro Reborn’ .”


Watch Some ’300′, I Mean, ‘Immortals’ Footage

Tuesday, April 26 by

Sorry ‘Chronicles Of Riddick’. The crown for silliest helmets no longer rests with you.


See How The Trailer For ‘What’s Your Number’ Ranks

Tuesday, April 26 by

Anna Faris has slept with a lot of comedic actors.


Cheryl Cole

Tuesday, April 26 by

Cheryl Cole is returning to judge “The X Factor” once again.

Kobe Back From Fixing His Past

Tuesday, April 26 by

Hope he got a signed statement from that woman this time.