'Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark'

‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark’ Or This Poster

Friday, May 6 by

Check out the spookeriffic poster for producer Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’. Just remember: posters can’t harm you.

30 Rock

Gif Recap: ’30 Rock’ – Respawn

Friday, May 6 by

Liz needs a break, Jack needs a wife, and Jenna needs wool.


Links Away Photobomb Friday: ‘The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly’

Friday, May 6 by

Here are your weekend links.

Scott Baio

Nick At Nite Willing To Give Scott Baio A Sitcom

Friday, May 6 by

‘Daddy’s Home’ is a multi-camera sitcom created by and starring Baio, about an actor who used to play a TV dad. But there’s a startling twist…


Brendan Fraser To Shoot An Apple, Create Switzerland In ‘William Tell’

Friday, May 6 by

Brendan Fraser will play an archer. Not a cartoon archer, or an archer that has a strange monkey sidekick. Just an archer.

Will Smith

Will Smith Rolls Into The Wild Wild Tarantino Western?

Friday, May 6 by

After ‘Wild Wild West’, I thought the Western genre put a restraining order on Will Smith. If it did, nobody told Quentin Tarantino.


Start Camping Out Now, ‘Waiting To Exhale 2′ Is On Its Way!

Friday, May 6 by

They’re all going to visit Whitney Houston’s character in rehab.


Damon Thinks He Might Want To Act In, Direct ‘Father Daughter Time’

Friday, May 6 by

Ben Affleck is going to venture out into set design to see if Matt copies him with that too.

Dark Knight Photo 2

See The 1st Set Photos From ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ If You Can Handle it

Friday, May 6 by

Gaze into the puddle

Laura Linney disapproves

Laura Linney To Share Screen With Bill Murray’s FDR?

Friday, May 6 by

The only thing we have to fear is a boring movie.


Keanu Reeves In Talks To Lead An Asian Gang In ‘Akira’

Friday, May 6 by

He’s already got a leg up on the other candidates. He knows kung-fu.


WB Working On A Couple Of ‘Tarzan’ Scripts

Friday, May 6 by


Bitch Posse

Catherine Hardwicke To Get Gritty Again With ‘The Bitch Posse’

Friday, May 6 by

She will tell the story of the teenage girls that would have kicked Kirsten Stewart’s ass.


Emilia Clarke

Friday, May 6 by

“Game of Thrones” actress Emilia Clarke is a welcome addition to American television.

A Fist Full Of Paintballs: Part 1

Gif Recap: ‘Community’ – A Fist Full Of Paintballs: Part 1

Friday, May 6 by

Chills! Suspense! Annie running in slow motion!