Stanley Tucci Will Be Live On The Scene Of ‘The Hunger Games’

Monday, May 9 by

The producers of ‘The Hunger Games’ made this move because they know one thing to be true: Tweens love Tucci.


Weekend Box Office Report: Feeling A Little ‘Thor’?

Monday, May 9 by

Taste the hammer of ‘Thor’, America!

Lincoln Book Cover

First Set Pic From ‘AL:VH’ Has Lincoln, But No Vampires

Monday, May 9 by

When he wasn’t killing vampires, Honest Abe was orating. Which might not be as exciting to you youngsters, but was no less important.


Ellen Hollman

Monday, May 9 by

Skateland is bound to be filled with attractive young actresses. Ellen Hollman is one of them.


‘Conan’ Director To Get Inside Your Head With ‘Backmask’

Monday, May 9 by

‘Backmask’ will contain “paranoia, possession and the paranormal,” but will it contain masks strapped to backs?

Starbucks Drinking Starbucks

Monday, May 9 by

MInd blown.

El Woodidante

Woody Allen In: A Woody Allen Picture, Directed By Woody Allen

Monday, May 9 by

And it’s not called ‘The Wrong Picture’ anymore.

Gillian Zinser Does Her Charles Manson

Which Manson Girl Wants To Visit Charles In Prison?

Monday, May 9 by

Research for a role just got real.

F. Gary Gray brutally strangled

F. Gary Gray To Show You ‘The Last Days Of American Crime’

Monday, May 9 by

It’s got Sam Worthington and it’s set in the future!

Sara Paxton

‘Shark Night 3D’ Full Of Bikini Hotties And Old School Effects

Monday, May 9 by

Star Sara Paxton likes it that way.


‘Dexter’ Season 6 Promo Reminds Us Of Fonder Times

Monday, May 9 by

It completely forgets season 5 existed.

Yeah, she's definitely dead.

You Can’t Escape The Trailer For ‘Final Destination 5′

Monday, May 9 by

You can’t escape your fate.

Drive 6

Don’t Look At These New ‘Drive’ Photos If You’re Driving

Sunday, May 8 by

Watch the road!

They make a cute couple

Watch A Really Creepy Teaser For ‘The Skin That I Live In’

Sunday, May 8 by

Definitely not sponsored by Nasonex.

Turns out Michael Bolton is a major cinephile

Michael Bolton Is A Cinephile

Sunday, May 8 by

According to this SNL Digital Short.