‘The Annoying Orange’ Has Sold Out

Thursday, April 14 by

Some lucky animator will be tasked with drawing a circle.


Olga Kurylenko To Play Smokin’ Hot CIA Agent In ‘Expatriate’

Thursday, April 14 by

The CIA has those, right?

"Oh, great. Apes."

Good Looking Monkeys In The ‘Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes’ Trailer

Thursday, April 14 by

You know what could really ruin your morning commute? Being bludgeoned to death by a pack of hyper-intelligent apes.


Sally Field Will Play The Wife Of Non-Vampire Hunting ‘Lincoln’

Wednesday, April 13 by

Field will star opposite Daniel Day-Lewis as The Great Emancipator, and I just realized that particular nickname for President Abraham Lincoln sounds dirty.


George Clooney To Make Movie About The Bailout, Because That Makes Sense

Wednesday, April 13 by

I wonder if George Clooney gets MSNBC in his dreams.


Twihards Rejoice For Taylor Lautner’s ‘Abduction’ Trailer

Wednesday, April 13 by

If you aren’t crying with joy and squealing while watching this trailer for Taylor Lautner’s ‘Abduction’, they will kick you out of Team Jacob.


The Teaser Of The Trailer Of The ‘Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes’

Wednesday, April 13 by

Get ready for of the’s to take over the world. Oh, I mean apes. Get ready for apes to do that.


Brett Easton Ellis Says ‘Glee’ Is A Puddle Of HIV

Wednesday, April 13 by

At least that’s better than a “Puddle of Mudd.”


Links Away: Tom Brady Gets All Teary-Eyed Over ‘American Idol’

Wednesday, April 13 by

Some people care about that show way too much.


MGM Makes Sony Its ‘Bond’ Bitch Once Again

Wednesday, April 13 by

Sony is a very attractive distribution partner for MGM and clearly “wants it.” The James Bond distribution rights, that is.


Jeff Foxworthy Takes A Redneck-Related Role In A Film!

Wednesday, April 13 by

They prefer “rural-Americans,” Jeff.


5 Directors Besides M. Night Shyamalan Who Should Go Back To Film School

Wednesday, April 13 by

Then again, who am I to talk? I can’t even spell “desperately” with out the help of my old friend “Spell Check.”


Rourke Will Be A Gay Rugby Player By February

Wednesday, April 13 by

…or so he says.

Screen shot 2011-04-13 at 3.16.30 PM

Theater Owners Not Thrilled With Studios’ ‘Don’t See Movies In Theaters’ Initiative

Wednesday, April 13 by

This is what theaters will look like on a Friday night if the studios have their way. *shiver*


Linkin Park Will Be The Guys Screaming Over The ‘Transformers: Dark Of The Moon’ End Credits

Wednesday, April 13 by

Sorry, Godsmack. We’ll try to get you on the next one.