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Sofia Vergara Is Now Easily The Sexiest Actor In ‘The Three Stooges’

Wednesday, April 6 by

I don’t care if this casting decision makes any sense. I love it. It’s genius.

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William Fichtner To Make ‘Elysium’ More Awesomer

Wednesday, April 6 by

Wanna see how excited William Fichtner is about this news? Click and find out.


Review: House ‘The Dig’

Wednesday, April 6 by

This is it, folks. The “House” episode Thirteen fans have been waiting for.


JJ Abrams Executive Producing Books Now Too

Wednesday, April 6 by

Greg Grunberg will undoubtedly provide the book-on-tape narration.


Review: Wrecked

Wednesday, April 6 by

Definitely outstanding work for a first feature.

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Carrie Anne-Moss And Malcolm McDowell Enlisted To Make Next ‘Silent Hill’ Less Awful

Wednesday, April 6 by

Carrie-Anne Moss’s career path recently has led her to seriously consider a career in bartending and/or heavy drinking.

Andy Serkis (9)

Serkis Slithers His Way Into Second Unit Director Gig On ‘The Hobbit’

Wednesday, April 6 by

Do you think he’ll take off the mo-cap suit while directing?

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Stallone Eyes Walter Hill As His Rebound Director For ‘Headshot’

Wednesday, April 6 by

Sly could have waited a few days at least out of consideration for Wayne Kramer’s feelings, but that’s just not who Sly is.


‘Attack The Block’ Headed To American Screens

Wednesday, April 6 by

Let’s hope it’s subtitled.


Review: Stake Land

Wednesday, April 6 by

The basic idea of the story is familiar, but I’m always up for another “surviving the wasteland” adventure.

invisible sign trailer

Watch Jessica Alba Pretend To Love Math In Trailer For ‘An Invisible Sign’

Wednesday, April 6 by

There are numbers everywhere, man.


Hugh Jackman To Take Viggo Mortensen’s Sloppy ‘Snow White’ Seconds?

Wednesday, April 6 by

Darren Aronofsky’s bizarre decision to spend more time with his family has opened up the actor’s schedule for ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’.


Watch The Trailer For ‘Hesher’ And Be As Confused As I Am

Wednesday, April 6 by

If this doesn’t make you want to see the movie, just don’t see the movie.


Madison Welch

Wednesday, April 6 by

In Your Higness, Madison Welch will play one of a group of forest-dwelling women, all portrayed by British glamor models.


Get To Know Katrina Bowden

Wednesday, April 6 by

Katrina Bowden from ’30 Rock’ was just named Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire. Here’s why.